SMAS Worksafe Consultants Dashboard update

A new dashboard to support our consultants

SMAS Worksafe are delighted to announce that we’ve updated our consultant’s dashboard to make managing your clients as simple as possible and we are delighted to announce that consultants will now be able to offer their clients further levels of compliance in the form of our Preferred Supplier packages.

We wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to find clients, view their progress or current SMAS Worksafe status and be able to act where necessary. The new layout comes with 5 tabs along the top which make it incredibly easy for you to manage their workflow.


Click on the below videos to find out what’s changed and how it benefits our consultants. To view full screen, simply type f after pressing play.

Updates to Consultants Dashboard.

How Lead Consultant can manage their clients and teams.

How you can create packages for your clients

The new 5 tab layout you’ll find on your dashboard. 

Access Requests

In this tab you’re able to request access to a members account so you can go in and fill out their information and begin the process of starting their application or continuing where you or they left off.

My Assessments 

Within the ‘My Assessments’ tab you will be able to view all of your current assessments and view the percentage progress each of your clients is currently at.

This is a simple tool to help you manage your workflow and keep tabs on any cases that may need attention.

My FI Requests

Here you will find any submissions that have had further information request from one of our assessors after their review. The further information request will need to be looked at for the client to pass their SMAS accreditation and so placing them all within this tab makes it incredibly easy for you to address those applications that need your action.

Preferred Supplier

This is the biggest and most exciting change in this update. We have now opened our Preferred Supplier packages to you so that you’re able to support clients with their Environmental and Quality assessments too.

Preferred Supplier covers areas such as environmental, anti-bribery & corruption, modern slavery and quality management.

By having further levels of compliance, you are showing contractors that your company takes these areas seriously and will help them stand above other businesses when tendering for contracts. We also offer different levels of Preferred Supplier and you can use our simple question set to find out which is best for your clients and then act accordingly.

My Clients 

The final tab is a simple overview of all of your clients and what their current status is. You can search for specific clients or use the filters to help you find certain clients within your clientele.

Managing Clients and Consultants

We have also added a new section on the left-hand navigation menu which will allow lead consultants to view all of their current clients, add new clients and also add new consultants. We have also added the ability for lead consultants to manage clients and the consultant they are assigned too. Lead consultants will be able to move clients between their workforce so that if you have staff members off due to illness or holiday you can assign their workload to another member of your team.

Additional guidance & support

We have also added some additional documents in the guidance and support tab to help you and your clients meet the demands for passing the requirements. We have created template documents which make the process of gaining each level of our Preferred Supplier package simple and easy to understand.