Contractor Search

Using the search function, you can find contractors based on a variety of useful criteria. The contractor name (if looking for a specific company), scope (select from your region, group or all of SMAS) the contractor’s approval status, trade (you can select up to three trades – just start typing), the postcode and number of miles from the given postcode.

The search facility enables you to quickly find contractors you have already indicated as known to you under ‘My Region’ or you can search the entire SMAS database of 20,000 contractors.

Clicking “more info” next to any contractor brings up more detailed information split into sections including Details, Comments, Sites, Emails. Clicking on of these information bars will maximise this section for your review.

Details This section is will tell you the details of the contractor’s current assessment, its status, expiry date and type of assessments undertaken. You can also see an overview of the contractor’s insurances (a more detailed view is help on the insurances section). Herue you will also find the contact details of the contractor, including their website, contact email and their external H&S contact (if applicable)

Lastly you will also find a list of trades for which the contractor has been assessed against.

Insurance Here you can view the insurances submitted and verified by SMAS at the point of last assessment. You also have the option to upload your own copies of insurance documentation.

Comments Here you can record any comments – positive or negative, that you may have about the contractor. Please note these comments are only visible to the rest of your group and not the contractor itself or any other organisation using the Contractor Portal.

Sitesa In this section you can quickly ascertain which sites (if any) the contractor has worked on within your group, site basic details and the date they left the site.

Emails This section records any communication send to the contractor from someone in your group, you will be able to see who sent the email and when along with the subject title of the email.

There is also an option to view the current certificate for every approved or verified contractor

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