Home Builders Visitor Card launched December 2019

The Skills Partnership has announced the launch of the new Home Builders Visitor Card back in December 2019.

Most Home Builders require workers on their sites to hold a valid CSCS card as a means to certify their qualifications and training. It is important that you hold the right CSCS card for the type of work you undertake. If you do not have a card or hold the wrong card, access to Home Building sites may be denied. With the removal of the CSCS visitor card starting in February 2020 the Virtual Home Builders Visitor Card will allow visitors to apply using the requirements previously required by CSCS and provide access to the site for visitors who do not hold or require a formal qualified skills card.

A brand-new website www.homebuildskillscard.co.uk will be available for applications along with a dedicated enquiry email address enquiries@homebuildskillscard.co.uk and phone number 0333 323 9025.

The new Home Builders Visitor Card will also be the first step in a wider initiative by the Skills Partnership to promote competence across the industry via a new family of skills cards reflecting industry-agreed requirements.

The new card will be digital/virtual and will be accessed through an app on a phone or through a computer system, allowing ease of access and for more data to be compiled within the digital ‘card’. The digital database will allow the person’s relevant qualifications and skills to be listed at a later phase, allowing the industry to remain current. By using smart technology built into the card and with a card reader or downloaded to, smartphones or tablet devices, cards can be checked and data recorded within seconds. The cost of the new digital/virtual card will be £30 plus VAT – the same as for the current CSCS visitor card.