Simplifying SSIP Renewals to save time and money

Save up to 40% of the work by renewing your SMAS Worksafe online

In 2018 SMAS Worksafe took their full SSIP assessment process online, meaning contractors and health and safety consultants could now complete and gain their certificates quicker than before. This has proved to be a worthwhile investment as not only can companies gain SSIP accreditation in just 3 to 5 days, but this has also allowed a dialogue between the SMAS member and our in-house assessment to increase, making the whole process streamlined.

The feedback we received from our members was very positive and this was reflected in the number of members that took us up on the opportunity to submit applications online. During our annual review and thanks to member feedback, we felt we needed to offer more when it came to renewals and so we started work on a new online renewal system.

Today we’re proud to say that thanks to further investment in our online portal, we’re able to launch our online renewal system. Both members and health and safety consultants will be able to take full advantage of the new system, which can save up to 40% of the work required in applying as we’re able to utilise information from the previous year.

Those that submitted their applications online last year, including members and consultants, will be able to access this function by simply logging into their account on the SMAS portal or by clicking through on their renewal email.

SMAS Manager, Marcus Rose commented, “We believe we are offering genuine savings to our members, not only in terms of providing value for money services, but also reducing the burden of the bureaucracy involved in renewing and providing a smarter way to fulfil our clients SSIP requirements”