SMAS Dashboard


The dashboard area provides you with at-a-glance information which enables you to quickly and easily identify critical areas of compliance which need your attention.

As you populate your account with important information about your specific sites and the contractors you’re working with, the dashboard reports will pull through this information to display a summary of critical information relating to your organisations compliance.

My Contractors
My contractors / SMAS Portal

This simple pie chart summarises how many contractors on the SMAS database that you have linked to your region. This information is then broken-down to show how many of these contractors currently do or do not hold valid SSiP certification, which has been registered with SMAS.

Site Overview

This displays a summary of how many sites you have setup on the SMAS Contractor Portal, and how many active contractors you currently have recorded as working on those sites. These on-site contractors are those you will want to monitor – ensuring that they remain compliant with their H&S requirement whilst actively delivering work for your organisation.

Site overview / SMAS portal

5 most recent contractors expired (on-site)

The site overview is supported by additional real-time information which shows you the contractors actively working on one of your sites who have H&S certificates which have recently expired. This enables your teams to keep on top of managing compliance issues with these contractors and contacting them early enough that you can instruct them to renew their certification. We show you the ‘5 most recent’ expiries – however you can click ‘Manage All’ to see the full list of contractors currently on-site, which no longer have valid certification. From here you can then email them to instruct them to renew. Emails can be sent directly from the SMAS Contractor Portal, using set templates setup by your organisation for this purpose.


Not already working with SMAS to manage your sub-contractors H&S compliance? Contact a member of our team to find out more.