Supporting H&S Consultants

SMAS works with many H&S consultancies across the UK in supporting the applications they submit on behalf of Client companies applying for SSiP accreditation. SMAS must take an unbiased position on the applications themselves; although there are many ways in which we support the consultants who interact with us as part of this process.


3 ways SMAS can assist consultants

SMAS Worksafe roofer fact sheet


Assessment Overview and Guidance Notes

Consultants can download and use our guidance notes to help with communicating the requirements for the SMAS Worksafe assessment with their Clients in preparation for submitting their application.

Outline of SMAS assessment and standards

The assessment overview highlights the key areas which each element of the assessment looks at when assessing a contractors H&S Management System and provides a high-level overview of the standard which a company is expected to meet.

Our guidance notes also include a checklist which consultants can share with their Clients ahead of visiting them; letting them know what documentation should be collated in advance of an initial review meeting.


Reporting – helping Consultants keep track of Client annual accreditations

SMAS can subscribe consultancies to a monthly reporting facility which provides an overview of all company accreditations submitted by a consultancy; letting you know ahead of time which are due for renewal, as well as those which have already expired.

This enables consultants to contact their Clients in advance of the SMAS renewal process to begin assisting them to prepare for submission of their annual application.

SMAS compliance report - date of expiry graphic

Helping to explain the benefits of Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSiP) and third-party accreditation

Many consultants feel it is beneficial for their Clients to attain a third-party accreditation; following implementation of a robust H&S Management System.

Holding a valid accreditation which has assessed the standard of the H&S Management System enables a company to more easily demonstrate this to their key stakeholders, as well as the general marketplace. SMAS can provide summary information which helps explain the benefits of attaining third-party accreditation, the aims of SSiP as well as the advantages of selecting SMAS Worksafe as the assessment scheme route of choice. These resources are provided as part of the monthly subscription for those consultants who subscribe to this service.


If you’re a H&S consultancy and would like to find out more about how SMAS can support you, or would like to subscribe to the monthly resources and reporting, then please contact us on 01752 697370 or email