SSIP outside of construction

SSIP (Safety Schemes in Procurement) is often thought of as being used within the construction industry to help contractors to obtain new work and to give them access to working for clients such as Redrow and Taylor Wimpey, however, SSIP can also be used outside of the construction industry for general health & safety compliance.

So, what are the benefits?

An SSIP accreditation is a nationally recognised standard for health and safety and therefore having SSIP outside of construction can still be a benefit for your business. Obtaining a certificate for your business shows customers, visitors and employees that your business is taking their health and safety seriously. When going through your assessment we will make sure that your business is of the required standard and can highlight areas for improvement.

These areas can range from having adequate lighting, clear flooring areas, quality welfare facilities, adequate ventilation and many more areas which will help to raise the standard of your business’s health & safety management.

Go beyond just SSIP

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SMAS Worksafe PQQ now comes as standard and gives your business the ability to upload documents in further areas of compliance such as environmental and quality management and can be beneficial for all industries.

Environmental documents would cover areas such as using environmentally friendly products, disposing of waste correctly, reducing water waste, protecting the environment from the water waste created. Showing customers, potential employees and visitors that you’re taking these areas into consideration and reducing your environmental footprint can help to boost your business’s reputation.

Quality management ensures you’ve put procedures in place to give customers the best possible service, i.e. how are you capturing feedback and what are you doing with the feedback to improve in areas that may be lacking. Reviews and customer feedback are a key part in winning business in a digital age and putting quality management systems in place is an easy way to raise the profile of any business, from hairdressers to schools.

SMAS Worksafe PQQ Table


Worksafe PQQ

SMAS Worksafe can also take your business’s compliance even higher with our Worksafe PQQ package. Depending on the needs of your business we can offer added support and higher levels of compliance for areas such as Quality Management and Environmental and check them against IEMA and IRCA standards so you can have confidence your business is up to the requirements.

You will also receive recommendations on your current quality and environmental policies so that you can develop them where needed going forward. Policies and requirements are often changing with new technologies becoming available or changes in requirements so staying up to date is crucial to keeping your compliance as high as possible.

To learn more about how SMAS Worksafe can help your business to become SSIP accredited please get in contact with us by email or give us a ring on 01752 643959

For more information about SSIP, visit our What is SSIP page.