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Dannex Systems UK Ltd are manufacturers of high-quality Timber, Timber Aluminium, Aluminium and PVC windows and doors rated to EN NHBC quality standards and considered to be a product with exceptional build and durability characteristics within the construction industry. Working with both commercial and domestic customers, supplying units across the UK and overseas offering a fitting service by qualified installers and through clean and modern manufacturing techniques they are able to deliver bespoke made units within just 6-8 weeks from receipt of order.

Dannex UK Ltd also pride themselves for working safely, in line with the SSiP standard, and have held a SMAS Worksafe certificate for over 5 years which they merit for securing multiple tenders during this time with large Main Contractors.

“The SMAS certificate has helped us gain work through Miller Homes, completing 3 sites over the last three years has been fantastic work for Dannex Systems UK Ltd. Recently we were approached by Robertson Homes to offer costs for a large project which we have now secured, the fact we are SMAS certified went a long way in securing this project as all windows require fitting by Dannex also and Robertson Homes require SMAS certification.” – Douglas Crawford, MD

By showing that your company works to a recognised standard your organisation will be in the best position to cater for the H&S requirements of Main Contractors. SMAS provide a maintained database of over 23,000 contractors which is actively used by Main Contractors such as Persimmon Homes, Redrow Homes, Bloor Homes etc who are seeking new contractors to work with.

Holding a valid SMAS Worksafe certificate includes your organisation on the contractor database and in front of Main Contractors, at no additional charge. Main Contractors such as Redrow, Persimmon, Bloor and Bovis Homes will only select companies holding a SMAS Worksafe certificate as they know that the contractor has been checked in line with SSiP and will no longer require that organisation to complete their full internal H&S PQQ process, meaning that the contractor can arrive on site to start work in the shortest possible time frame.

“We are also talking to Cala Homes regarding some sites where non-standard windows and glazing is required, with our expertise in this field I am sure we will be in the running to secure some nice contracts from them, again Cala require SMAS certification.” – Douglas Crawford, MD

Obtaining a SMAS Worksafe Certificate

To gain a SMAS Worksafe certificate, a contractor must apply and complete a streamlined PQQ obtained directly from the SMAS Website or requested by phone/e-mail. A Contractor can also simplify the process further by using their builders profile where much if not all of the required information will already be stored allowing a SMAS assessor to log in and complete the assessment without requiring the contractor to duplicate the information again. Once the information has been submitted to SMAS, the assessment will be completed within 3-5 working days by an in-house assessor and if there are any questions regarding the application, our in-house assessors will be in touch to discuss it further without any delay.

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