What is SSIP and how it can benefit you?

Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) is an umbrella organisation that was created to make sure there is a mutual understanding and recognition between different health and safety schemes so that there is uniformity amongst companies and the standard of their health and safety.

What this means:

SSIP has streamlined the process from buyers, suppliers and companies by providing an automatic prequalification for contracts within each sector. Gaining an SSIP certificate through SMAS will enable you to show high levels of health and safety management and is a simple way to prove that your company takes health and safety very seriously.

It’s also beneficial when recruiting top talent for your company. Obtaining an SSIP certificate is a great and simple way to show potential employees that you have a commitment to assuring their safety, making you a much more attractive proposition.

How we can help:

Here at SMAS Worksafe, we are passionate about helping your company to gain it’s SSIP certificate as easily and quickly as possible – we pride ourselves on our high levels of customer service with 95% of our members returning every year, a flat-rate pricing structure and most importantly, helping you gain SSIP accreditation within 3-5 days.

Once you’ve gone through our online process and shown your company to meet the required health and safety levels you will be given accreditation giving you benefits such as:

  • You can reduce the cost and burden of H&S bureaucracy across your industry
  • Attained a certificate recognised by thousands of companies’ nationwide
  • Becoming more appealing to buyers and workers.

Worksafe PQQ:

Worksafe PQQ has been created by SMAS Worksafe to help you stand out from other companies and show potential clients that you are operating at a higher level of compliance by providing information on other areas such as environmental, anti-bribery, corruption and modern slavery issues.

Our Worksafe PQQ accreditation means the documents you upload will be checked over by one of our assessors against both IEMA and IRCA standards to make sure they’re of the required standard and so that clients know your business is serious about more than just health & safety.

If areas such as environmental management are new to you, you’re not alone. Many UK businesses are now being requested to fulfil new requirements – we recognise this and so our team of experts are on hand to help you through the process, allowing you to save time and get back to work as soon as possible. See how a Worksafe PQQ accreditation can help your business.


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Deem to Satisfy:

We understand that getting SSIP can be a hassle and certain buyers may request a SMAS Certificate to work on their sites. This is where our deem to satisfy option comes in, if you already hold an SSIP accreditation and want to work for companies like Redrow – who require SMAS accreditation, we will accept your previous certificate and do a quick change over so you can get on-site and start earning without any hassle. All the information can be found here.


Worksafe Pro & Infinity

You can also take your level of compliance beyond  Preferred Supplier which is now included with our standard assessment. With Worksafe Pro and Infinity, your business can get more support as well as having your documents for further areas of compliance such as Quality and Environmental, checked over by one of our assessors to a higher standard.

If you’re a Worksafe Pro or Infinity member will be visible to clients in our portal which will allow them to see which businesses have had their documents reviewed by us, increasing the likelihood of them being chosen over someone who may only have Worksafe Assessment.

Worksafe Assessment, Pro and Infinity checklist