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SMAS Worksafe provides a bespoke Care Sector Assessment which has been developed utilising the knowledge and experience of experts who have circa 30 years’ experience working with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) alongside the Care Sector.  

Working in health and social care relates to a diverse workforce which includes many different roles and types of activity; as well as those individuals being cared for who tend to be vulnerable. People working to provide care services have the right to do so in safe and healthy working environments, whilst the people using these services are entitled to the care they require which carefully considers their needs. 

Managing these different needs can sometimes present unique and complex situations which can, if not effectively managed, result in serious harm to employees, people using care services and others.

The SMAS Worksafe Care Assessment is not about creating huge amounts of paperwork; it is about identifying and ensuring sensible and proportionate measures are being taken to control the risks. 

You may already be taking steps to control the risks, but the assessment process will help you decide whether you should be doing more as well as assess what is already in place against the well-established SSIP Core Criteria, as endorsed by the HSE.

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