Supply Chain Management


Here at SMAS we know how to successfully manage compliance and assurance within the education sector. We can support the estates departments of higher, secondary and primary educational facilities to manage the contractors they involve in reactive and proactive maintenance as well as major construction works within their campus. 

SMAS are a proud member of the Universities Health & Safety Alliance (USHA) and regularly participate in conferences and seminars with the Compliance & Estates forum. As a result, we can support any Estates department to provide assurance to the quality of contractor they engage with. 

SMAS supports numerous educational facilities (with expertise sitting in higher education) by delivering prequalification health and safety assessments on their behalf.  As a result we have helped raise the standard of the checks they apply and reduce any risks in their supply chain and provide an end to end management system.

Our processes and systems are based on an in-depth understanding of our clients requirements with our additional web based tools providing targeted support to help them check and stay ahead of supplier compliance; including access to our Site Management software which enables organisations to simply track which suppliers are working for them based on regions and sites or even drill down to specific areas such as buildings, and easily monitor that they are compliant.  

SSIP is endorsed by the Health and Safety Executive and recognised in Education as the best practice to managing prequalification health and safety checks of the supply chain. 

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