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SafetyCulture empowers SMAS Worksafe members 

SMAS Worksafe partner, SafetyCulture, is a global technology company that supports businesses to do their best work every day. Its adaptive, mobile-first products help to enhance operations and foster high performing, safer workplaces. 

SafetyCulture is used by over 28,000 organisations worldwide, in almost every industry. Its flagship products, iAuditor and EdApp, enable teams to perform checks, train staff, report issues, capture data and communicate fluidly. 

SafetyCulture powers over 600 million checks each year, approximately 50,000 lessons per day and millions of corrective actions. 

They do this by empowering frontline employees. Giving front-line staff the ability to perform checks straight from a site, providing sensors for data capture and integrating seamlessly with existing systems. SafetyCulture helps organisations build immunity to risk. 

Front-line workers make up 80% of our global workforces and are at the heart of implementing health and safety practices. Crucially they can capture data and information that would otherwise be missed. For example actionable points of risk, inspection failures and safety concerns. 

Despite their critical role, front-line workers have been under-served when it comes to technology. SafetyCulture is on a mission to challenge that. Operational excellence including health and safety is everyone’s responsibility: and by giving every employee the tools, training and ownership they need, we can drive change from the ground-up. 

Our collective vision and aspiration is for all SMAS Worksafe members to be empowered through mobile-first technology to drive safer, more productive and efficient workplaces.

As a proud SMAS Worksafe member since November 2020, SafetyCulture is committed to working with SMAS Worksafe and their members to raise health and safety standards. SMAS Worksafe members can benefit from a 10% discount on the premium versions of EdApp and iAuditor. Visit SafetyCulture’s dedicated SMAS Worksafe partner page to learn more and get started for free. You can also contact Olivia Langley, SafetyCulture’s Partnerships Manager, who is committed to supporting SMAS Worksafe members looking to use SafetyCulture products. Reach out to Olivia via

SMAS and SafetyCulture

Safetyculture join SMAS Worksafe partners

SMAS Worksafe is partnering with inspections and training provider, SafetyCulture, to provide a digital solution for SMAS members

Adapting to every-changing guidance and ensuring health and safety compliance has never been more important – or challenging.

Traditionally a responsibility held at management or individual HSE level, health, safety and compliance is now a concern for every individual operating on the frontline.

Global compliance technology leader, SafetyCulture, is on a mission to empower employees and their businesses to manage those increasing demands: with a simple mobile app that anyone can use in minutes.

Dan Joyce, General Manager EMEA, SafetyCulture, explains:

“Top-down, infrequent audits no longer work; companies need better visibility of their sites and real-time data capture to ensure they’re driving efficiency, safety and excellence at every stage.

“They also need to ensure they’re creating and sharing consistent, quality-assured training materials that will equip their workers with the knowledge they need. Creating a culture of both accountability and continuous growth is critical for today’s business operations.

“Empowering staff on the ground and equipping them with the right tools is the first step. This is exactly what SafetyCulture sets out to deliver.”

SafetyCulture, a SMAS Worksafe partner, helps more than 26,000 companies to raise standards and performance worldwide.

To support SMAS Worksafe members, SafetyCulture will be working with SMAS Worksafe to offer the use of its flagship tools, iAuditor and EdApp. Members can get started in just a few clicks, here: SMAS and SafetyCulture.

Members will benefit from pre-populated health, safety and quality checklists to drive best practice, with the ability for complete inspections on their mobile phone or tablet. iAuditor enables users to flag issues, assign actions, and gain real-time insights to ensure high standards.

Easy-to-use targeted micro-training in workers’ hands through EdApp will ensure workers are equipped with knowledge of policy, compliance, and regulatory requirements: reducing risk, enhancing efficiency and minimising operational downtime.

Among their customers, SafetyCulture helps brands such as SA Brain, London City Airport, Coles, Accor and more. This year, they secured recognition for their flagship product iAuditor at the international 2020 SaaS Awards as a SaaS solution that demonstrates an innovative and intelligent approach to the challenges presented in assessing and communicating risk, or asserting best practice in the workplace.

About SafetyCulture

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SafetyCulture is a global technology company which supports businesses to do their best work every day. Its adaptive, mobile-first products help to streamline operations and foster high performing, safer workplaces. Its flagship product, iAuditor, is used by more than 26,000 organisations in nearly every industry to optimise processes and performance. The technology empowers teams to perform checks, report issues, collect on-the-ground data and communicate fluidly.