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What is Worksafe Preferred Supplier?

Gaining an SSIP certificate is just the first step to your business’s compliance. Once you’ve gone through the process of securing your health & safety accreditation you may wish to look at other areas of compliance.

As more clients ask for compliance on other areas, we have given you the ability to self-upload documents in these areas to help show clients that you’re thinking about areas such as environmental, anti-bribery & corruption, quality management, financial and modern slavery.
Our Preferred Supplier package is based on a similar question set to the PAS91 and therefore if you have already completed a PAS 91, passing a SMAS certificate for those further areas should be simple, as long as our assessors feel they’re up to standard and meet criteria.

If you’re starting from scratch in relation to these further areas, we have templates and guidance to help you when submitting the information for those areas and our in-house assessors are available to help you along the way to accreditation.

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One of the most important areas of further compliance is being able to demonstrate how your business considers and reduces its environmental impacts. Lots of clients are looking at their supply chain’s environmental quality and if you’re able to show that your business is doing everything it can you may have an advantage over other companies when clients are searching for sub-contractors.

Gasoline leaks into the street. It’s raining. Sewage grate. Close shot. No people.

Quality Management:

Having quality management procedures in place that are endorsed by senior management shows that your business is committed to providing a quality service or product. Clients will have confidence in choosing a company that are committed to a high quality of workmanship as sub-standard work on their sites will likely crop up when they run checks over any completed work, so knowing the standard of your work is high could remove any snagging on their end.

Financial & Business:

Submitting information about your business’s financial status helps to prove to any potential client that your business is stable and that there isn’t a chance of your business going into administration and therefore not being able to finish off the work. If a contractor goes into administration the client will be forced to find someone else and it will delay the work and push the completion date back.


Close up of a man holding a magnifying glass over a financial report that states a company’s revenues and profits.

Modern Slavery & Anti-Bribery:

 The final stage of further compliance is modern slavery and anti-bribery. Making sure that your workforce is treated fairly and are not being exploited is extremely important. Client can’t risk working with anyone who’s workforce is being treated unfairly or is susceptible to trafficking. Showing a commitment to these areas will give them peace of mind that they won’t be the subject of loss of materials or workers not turning up due to poor working standards.

Worksafe Pro & Infinity

Although Preferred Supplier is included with our standard assessment your business may wish to have even higher levels of compliance. With Worksafe Pro and Infinity, your business can get more support as well as having your documents for further compliance checked over by one of our assessors.

Having higher tiers will be visible to clients in our portal which will allow them to see which businesses have had their documents reviewed by us, increasing the likelihood of them being chosen over someone who may only have Worksafe Assessment.

Worksafe Assessment, Pro and Infinity checklist