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SMAS Worksafe can help your business manage its health and safety obligations when selecting suppliers, with our unrivalled health & safety assessment and compliance support.

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    SMAS Worksafe Accreditation

    The simplest route to demonstrating health & safety to Clients. As one of the leading SSIP registered member Schemes, SMAS will assess your company’s health & safety systems to attain a certificate which is recognised nationwide by 000’s of organisations.

    Supply Chain Management

    Our supply chain management solution enables your organisation to quickly and easily find the suppliers you need. You can also benefit from our managed solution which means SMAS will ensure all your suppliers remain compliant with health & safety during the time you’re working with them.

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    Antony Randall
    Antony Randall
    25. November, 2020.
    I must say that the team at SMAS are always very courteous and helpful. The process for validation is quick and not painful! The assessors are always ready to assist in guiding you through the protocols required to meet the assessment criteria . I would recommend SMAS for small business's aiming to achieve a industry recognised H&S accreditation
    Ceri Payne
    Ceri Payne
    24. November, 2020.
    The process was easy and without delay, The service was very good.
    BB Contractors Midlands Ltd
    BB Contractors Midlands Ltd
    7. November, 2020.
    I found the SMAS website and online questionnaire very easy to use and easy to upload documents to. I was very impressed at the quick response (accreditation in 2 days) and would definately recommend SMAS to other contractors.
    Mark Jones
    Mark Jones
    6. November, 2020.
    Slow through the lockdown as expected, but fast once contact was made.
    Richard Evans
    Richard Evans
    6. November, 2020.
    completing the asssesment on line is now very simple with logical easy to follow steps
    Henrietta Rogers
    Henrietta Rogers
    5. November, 2020.
    I recently finished re-submitting our Health and Safety information for renewal as a Principal Contractor. It was my first time doing it so I didn't include all the information that was needed first time. SMAS came back within a few days highlighting what was needed and once submitted the company was approved the next day! I was very impressed with the speed of service and the simplicity of the process.
    Brian Lambert
    Brian Lambert
    3. November, 2020.
    Our accreditation ran out in September of this year after five months of 'lockdown' where some of our operatives training certificates went out of date, this has caused many issues regarding renewals. With this explained to your staff, the flexible approach in initially extending the renewal date was appreciated, however further discussions with our training provider has resulted in training dates now attained, this knowledge has allowed you to approve our renewal 'worksafe' certificate. The process has been an experience effectively caused by the corona-virus and the protracted lockdown period for both our training providers and ourselves, but with your help and consideration we have achieved our goal. Thank you Kind regards Brian Lambert Blackstone Contractors Ltd
    23. October, 2020.
    Great company and easy to work with to acquire our accreditation. Thank you
    Anthony pickwick
    Anthony pickwick
    18. October, 2020.
    Great job done by SMAS, very informative and fast to respond. The process was easy and painless with professional advise throughout! Highly recommended.
    Mike Shorter
    Mike Shorter
    15. October, 2020.
    We are a small company and greatly appreciated the excellent knowledge, professional but friendly service and assistance we received at all times during our renewal and very happy to recommend to others.

    SSIP Health & Safety Accreditation for the Private and Public Sector

    SMAS Worksafe is a leading SSIP member scheme providing trusted health and safety accreditation to businesses across the UK. We specialise in supporting organisations in the construction, social care and education sectors to provide quality certification and connect procurers with relevant businesses. We strive to ensure clients can find businesses with the right accreditation for the jobs they need to be completed.

    Demonstrate your commitment to workplace safety by becoming a member of SMAS Worksafe today.

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    What is SSIP accreditation?

    The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) operates safety accreditation through conformity assessment, such as SSIP. All SSIP member schemes have created question sets in alignment with each other to ensure that businesses are able to apply a standardised review of the contractor’s performance regardless of which scheme they are accredited by. This also allows those with certification from one member scheme to more easily be recognised by another.

    Why is Health & Safety important in construction?

    Health and safety accreditation practices originated in construction but have since extended to a number of sectors, evidencing their effectiveness in allowing contractors to prove their strong compliance records.

    Construction as an industry is particularly prone to hazards and dangerous working environments, making health and safety on building sites an essential part of operations. Ensuring your business is properly accredited and demonstrating a dedication to safety in the workplace can help you stand out during the tendering process and is a simple way to make your business more attractive to talented workers in your field.

    Employee and client health and safety has never been more important and with schemes like SMAS Worksafe, your business can be at the forefront of workplace protections.

    Managing contractor health and safety in construction, education and social care

    We work with over 40 organisations to source contractors for a variety of jobs. We offer health and safety management for supply chains in the construction, education and care sectors to allow buyers to easily browse our platform for contractors they think will be most relevant for the work they are in need of.

    SMAS Worksafe clients can also benefit from our managed solution which enables you to benefit from the support of our professional team who carry out work on your behalf. As a client, you are able to outline the level of health and safety compliance you expect from your contractors and our team will follow these guidelines when sourcing workers.

    All SMAS Worksafe member contractors also benefit from consistent health and safety assessments and support from our experienced assessors. This ensures that all workers maintain high standards at all times while carrying out work, meaning you benefit from the highest possible safety standards with every job.

    Do companies need more than basic health and safety rules?

    SSIP membership is not a requirement of contractors to carry out work in construction, education or care. However, the needs of businesses, employees and other stakeholders are paramount in the workplace and most businesses now require some form of health and safety accreditation from contractors working with them.

    Having SSIP accreditation from SMAS Worksafe or being one of our SMAS Preferred Suppliers shows to all potential clients that, not only are you committed to high workplace safety standards, but you are also committing to going above and beyond to keep your workers safe and consider all areas of compliance.

    What is SSIP?

    Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) is an umbrella organisation in which member schemes operate in alignment with each other to provide a coordinated framework for health and safety practices at work. This helps reduce the need for multiple accreditation costs and allows buyers to easily assess the standards of businesses across multiple schemes.

    Find out more about SSIP.

    We're part of something bigger

    SMAS Worksafe is part of a wide family of businesses with the single aim of keeping you and your business safe and legally sound.

    With everything from fire risk assessments and extinguisher servicing to PA Testing and ISO certification, we’re your go-to for all thing’s compliance.

    For a full list of our sister partners, memberships and affinity partners, click the link below.

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