Smas Worksafe PQQ

Demonstrate compliance beyond health & safety and win more business with Worksafe PQQ

Tendering for work is becoming increasingly competitive and clients are increasingly seeking out contractors demonstrating more than just an SSIP certificate. Upgrade your existing SSIP accreditation to cover more than just health & safety with Smas Worksafe PQQ. Worksafe PQQ accreditation allows you to prove you are compliant in additional areas, such as environmental and quality management, helping your business stand out against the competition and also meets PAS 91 standards.

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With many years of experience supporting a range of industries we understand every business is different which is why we can offer our Smas Worksafe PQQ as a bespoke solution through a selection of packages.

We will work closely with you supporting your requirements and assisting you in putting together information which is appropriate for your clients, proving your business is reliable, ethical, sustainable and compliant to your customers.

Why Choose Worksafe PQQ?

The Worksafe PQQ additional question sets are aimed at ensuring your business has all the information any client could need before assessing your tender, taking you beyond SSIP and health & safety.

With Worksafe PQQ your Environmental Management and Quality Management documents will be reviewed by a trained specialist with recommendations made so you can be sure that your business meets high standards of practice.

If you’re new to these areas of compliance, you can upgrade your membership to Assist. With Assist we will create bespoke documents tailored to your business, perfect for those companies looking at these new areas for the first time.



Our online application process is simple to complete. We only ask the questions that are relevant to your business size and activities; and we are always on hand to assist by telephone should you need some friendly advice.

The additional question sets can be filled out during your SSIP assessment or at a later date. If your business is starting from scratch on any of the topics, templates and other resources are available from your online account.

Once information is uploaded and verified, tendering companies can engage with you regarding additional policies or information required over the annual membership; helping to build a rapport and dialogue.

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Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ)

Worksafe PQQ has been built to comply with PAS 91 standards. The PAS 91 questionnaire is reflected in the structure of the PQQ package so you can be confident that your business is eligible to bid on work that uses the PAS 91 framework.

The PAS 91 standards recognise other construction accreditations, reducing the amount of time you have to spend on answers. When completing your Worksafe PQQ certification, previous qualifications like ISO 9001 and ISO45001 will cut down on the number of responses needed. These certifications can also then be used as evidence of your capability for jobs during the tendering process.

For suppliers, we also offer a pre-qualification questionnaire template for contractors to complete as evidence of their compliance through our supply chain management service.

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