Deem to Satisfy (SSIP)

Do you need to showcase your SSIP assessment to a client? Smas Worksafe is a certification body that works in conjunction with many of the other SSIP members to support and improve levels of health and safety conformity across the UK.

For those who already hold accreditation from other member schemes such as CHAS and Constructionline, we offer a Deem to Satisfy (DTS) service which can take as little as two minutes to complete.

Simply fill out the enquiry form, and we will be in touch to help you get your Deem to Satisfy certification sorted within minutes!

Price from £179.00, cheaper than CHAS.

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What is Deem to Satisfy?

The Deem to Satisfy certificate may be requested from clients as a way of demonstrating SSIP. This means if your business works for more than one client, you may be asked for an SSIP certificate from more than one provider. The Deem to Satisfy (DTS) system allows you to do this more easily and helps cut the cost of paying full price for multiple accreditations.

Your SSIP certificate will need to be obtained from another accredited SSIP member scheme.

You can then show this to our Deem to Satisfy experts at Smas Worksafe who will then check the details and issue you a certificate for a reduced price without having to go through a full application.

You will then be issued a DTS certificate from Smas Worksafe that will be valid for the duration of your full SSIP accreditation with another provider.

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How can I check if I’m eligible for SSIP Deem to Satisfy?

Any supplier with a valid SSIP certificate through another member of the SSIP scheme is eligible to obtain a Deem to Satisfy Certificate from Smas Worksafe. All you have to do is showcase this to our Deem to Satisfy experts. They’ll run all the checks they need and issue you a certificate for a reduced fee, so you don’t have to spend time filling out a full application at a higher price.

Your Deem to Satisfy certificate will be issued from Smas Worksafe and will be valid for the duration that your SSIP accreditation is with any other SSIP member scheme provider.

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Just some of the businesses that require Smas Worksafe SSIP

We work with some of the leading businesses across the construction sector.

Deem to Satisfy FAQs

Why should I consider Deem to Satisfy certification?

If you want to save time and money, then the Deem to Satisfy process really is the best solution for your business. SSIP Deem to Satisfy helps to fast-track the process for your business, eliminating lengthy, costly processes to help your business gain a competitive edge.

What are the benefits of Deem to Satisfy?

Aside from a simplified, quick process, your business can streamline compliance by holding a single certificate, rather than holding numerous accreditations. Boost your business reputation by demonstrating a commitment to Health and Safety standards to clients and suppliers.

Are SSIP and Deem to Satisfy different certifications?

No, Deem to Satisfy is a simplified approach for certifying to SSIP, meaning you can use your DTS certificate to support any existing SSIP certificate you hold to showcase to clients upon request.

Does it take long to receive Deem to Satisfy?

Not at all, the process is super quick and can take as little as a couple of minutes to complete. Contact us today and we’ll help you achieve DTS in no time!

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