SSIP Accreditation (safety schemes in procurement)

Join the UK’s SSIP Accreditation Scheme of choice and attain a Health & Safety certificate recognised by thousands of organisations

Smas Worksafe helps contractors demonstrate their health & safety compliance to clients and meet construction and related industries’ pre­ qualification requirements.

No matter the size of the business, we’ve enabled thousands of contractors to show their commitment to workplace safety, secure work with trusted organisations through our SSIP accreditation and lead the way in workplace safety regulation and compliance.

Smas Worksafe are one of many SSIP member schemes and are experts in workplace safety management. We pride ourselves on our unrivalled in-house support and speedy turnaround times.

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What Is SSIP accreditation?

SSIP accreditation from Smas Worksafe has allowed thousands of contractors to quickly and simply demonstrate their commitment to workplace safety.

Why Choose SMAS Worksafe for your SSIP Accreditation?

  • SSIP accreditation in just 1-7 days
  • Direct contact with an expert team of in-house assessors
  • 95% of our members return every year
  • Apply online and save up to 40% of the work when you renew
  • Become visible to 1000’s of the biggest construction and housebuilders in the UK
  • A Smas Worksafe certificate is recognised across the UK
  • Quickly and easily demonstrate your H&S competence to clients

In addition to SSIP certification, we also offer Smas Worksafe PQQ. This package is for businesses or individuals looking to demonstrate compliance beyond health and safety. Our Worksafe’s PQQ accreditation allows you to show off areas of further compliance such as environmental and quality management and gain a competitive advantage.

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Our SSIP Accreditation Packages

Worksafe Assessment (SSIP Accreditation)

Our SSIP accreditation can be used to show potential or existing clients that your business meets the requirements for health and safety. Our SSIP assessment follows the core criteria for all other SSIP schemes and involves 10 questions that you will be required to answer. These include information about risk assessments, method statements, training, qualifications and more. After you have submitted your application, one of our in-house assessors will check the information you have submitted against the SSIP core criteria.

Once you have provided sufficient information you will be granted your SSIP certificate and your business will show on the SSIP and Smas Worksafe portal. The SSIP certification is valid for 12 months and then you will be required to renew, updating us on any changes that may have happened over the 12-month period.

Worksafe PQQ

For businesses looking for more than just SSIP accreditation, we offer Worksafe PQQ (HSE approved) which is aligned to the PAS 91 framework. Members will get both Environmental and Quality Management system reviews and recommendations meaning your documents are reviewed by a trained specialist from Smas Worksafe. Contractors will also get access to policy templates as well as additional areas including modern slavery, anti-bribery and corruption, and financial and business.


When contractors take Worksafe PQQ, they’ll have the option to ‘upgrade to Assist’, as part of this they will get to work with a trained specialist from Smas Worksafe to create Environmental and Quality policies that are bespoke to their business, perfect for those companies facing these new areas for the first time. Assist is not an ISO standard, but rather a management system specifically for Environmental and Quality Management where a contractor doesn’t already have these processes in place. Assist has been designed as a proportionate and usable management system to help support contractors with the increasing demand for Environmental and Quality policies that Smas Worksafe are seeing in the pre-tender market.

Deem to Satisfy

If your business already holds a valid SSIP certificate but a client is asking you to hold a Smas Worksafe SSIP assessment you can use the deem to satisfy (DTS) procedure. DTS allows for mutual recognition across SSIP member schemes. This means if you already hold a valid SSIP certificate, you can save time and money securing a SSIP certification with another member scheme if a particular client requests it. Please note that the DTS will not last for 12 months and will expire when the full assessment you hold with another provider runs out.

Your SSIP Accreditation membership options

Find out how we work with contractors, principal contractors and designers on health & safety, environmental management and more.

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