Supply Chain Management

Our supply chain management solution enables your organisation to quickly and easily find the suppliers you need. You can also benefit from our managed solution which means SMAS will ensure all your suppliers remain compliant with health & safety during the time you’re working with them.

More and more organisations are turning to Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) as the standard they apply to their suppliers during their contractor selection process. SMAS Worksafe now covers much more than Health & Safety (SSIP). 

We are now inviting our members to complete additional question sets in order to demonstrate compliance across several key areas; helping your organisation to make more informed judgements when you vet contractors to work with.

When completing a SMAS Worksafe assessment, contractors will be met with three options:

SSIP only: meet your legal requirement regarding CDM2015

Preferred Supplier – Self-certified: SMAS can invite your contractors to simply upload their information and choose to publish this to their profile for you to review.

Preferred Supplier – Reviewed: ensure that all the information provided by your contractors has been reviewed by a SMAS Worksafe specialist who will provide a set of clear recommendations for continuous improvement which can be planned in over the next 12 months before they are reviewed again. (We understand that many companies will be approaching Environmental and Quality management for the first time and so we are able to provide dedicated 1:1 support to help them get things off the ground.)

Benefit from outsourcing Supply Chain Management to SMAS Worksafe

  • No cost solution which is fully managed on your behalf
  • Reduce risk to the organisation by outsourcing to H&S specialists
  • SSIP is the most credible and consistent route to H&S management in the UK
  • Your contractors will be supported by our friendly H&S Assessors
  • Contractors benefit from a consistent assessment process in line with the SSIP Core Criteria.
  • You set the level you require from your contractors: Reviewed, Self-certified or SSIP only

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We support schools, further education establishments and higher education institutions. It is vital that these organisations can manage any significant risks in the sector for suppliers, pupils and members of staff.

Our assessment takes a sensible approach to ensuring that organisations in Education are able to manage any risks.


Our Care experts understand this sector inside and out and we provide a specific assessment to ensure that the pain points, struggles and responsibilities applicable to those common activities you undertake are addressed and any risks are managed.


We know Construction and House Building inside and out.

SMAS Worksafe first started by supporting Home Builders and this remains an expertise, with our in-house assessment team specialising in vetting contractors involved in these processes.

SMAS has been cited as the Home Builders SSIP Scheme of Choice by organisations in the sector, such as Redrow Homes, Cala Homes and the House Builders Federation (HBF).