Supply Chain Management

Gain access to simple, straight-forward supply chain management with SMAS Worksafe

Our supply chain management solution enables your organisation to quickly and easily find the suppliers you need. You can also benefit from our managed solution which means SMAS Worksafe will ensure all your suppliers remain compliant with health & safety during the time you are working with them.

Health & safety adherence is essential to the modern workforce so having a streamlined strategy to ensure that you and everyone you work with is within compliance means you can focus on everything else.

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    Benefits of outsourcing Supply Chain Management to SMAS Worksafe

    SMAS Worksafe Accreditation Levels

    With SMAS Worksafe supply chain management, you choose the level of accreditation you expect from your contractors. This allows you the flexibility and freedom to manage your contractors while still leaving most of the process in the hands of our experienced assessors.

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    Find out how our professional assessors can help you manage your contractors to ensure quality, care and compliance on every job. Discuss our full managed solution and the benefits we can bring to your business.

    Industry Sectors Served


    We support schools, further education establishments and higher education institutions to manage risks to suppliers pupils and staff.

    Our specialist team can assess and organise contractors for whatever work you require.


    Our Care experts have an in-depth understanding of the sector. 

    We provide specific assessments to ensure that the pain points, struggles and responsibilities applicable to the activities you undertake are addressed and any risks are managed.


    SMAS Worksafe supports hundreds of construction contractors in health & safety compliance.

    We are recognised as the Home Builder’s SSIP Scheme of Choice, meaning everyone of our contractors is reliable and responsible.