Supply Chain Management

Our supply chain management system enables your organisation to quickly and easily find the suppliers you need. Organisations can also benefit from our management solution, where SMAS Worksafe will ensure all your suppliers remain compliant with their health & safety during the time you’re working with them.

More and more organisations are turning to Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) as the standard they apply to their suppliers during their contractor selection process. SMAS Worksafe now covers much more than Health & Safety (SSIP) so you can improve your supply chain compliance and meet customer demand. 

We are now inviting our members to complete additional question sets in order to demonstrate compliance across several key areas; helping your organisation to make more informed judgements when you vet contractors to work with and sourcing production.

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    Benefits of outsourcing Supply Chain Management to SMAS Worksafe

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    SMAS Worksafe Accreditation Levels

    With SMAS Worksafe supply chain management, you choose the level of accreditation you expect from your contractors. This allows you the flexibility and freedom to manage your contractors and keep a good supplier relationship while still leaving most of the process in the hands of our experienced assessors.

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    Industries where SMAS Worksafe and SSIP can be applied