Contractor solution for facilities management

Do you work in facilities management? Are you looking for an easy and efficient solution to find and manage contractors? Look no further. From builders and engineers to decorators and gardeners, Smas Worksafe is here to provide you with a hassle-free way to find the contractors you need and make sure they’re safe to work on your premises.

As one of the UK’s leading providers of Health & Safety assessments and a national leader in providing Safety Schemes in Procurement accreditation (SSIP), we understand the challenges you face. Making sure the contractors you’re using are Health & Safety accredited is essential, and that’s where we come in. We’ve created a single online destination for our clients to access and manage their contractors and find the safe suppliers they need. Our free contractor management service will minimise risk in your supply chain and give you peace of mind that your premises are in safe hands.

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Client benefits:

Our service is a cost-free solution for the facilities management industry looking to outsource their contractor management. We provide full support to make sure both your new and existing contractors are Health & Safety compliant. You’ll gain access to the Smas Portal where you can find the accredited contractors you need and be confident those working for you are safe to do so. You’ll get regular updates so you can see the SSIP status of all your contractors and get that valuable visibility into your supply chain so you can make informed decisions about who you work with.

Contractor benefits:

With our dedicated contractor management service, your contractors will benefit from a consistent assessment process in line with the SSIP Core Criteria. And with direct access to our in-house assessment team, they’ll have support on hand throughout the accreditation process.

More than Health & Safety

We know that every client has different needs. That’s why we offer accreditation in other areas. With our contractor management service, you can choose the level of accreditation you require from your contractors. So, you can request contractors who not only meet high-quality Health & Safety standards but show further commitment in other areas such as quality and environmental management.

Introducing CAS

We’re thrilled to now include the Common Assessment Standard (CAS) in our range of services. As a widely recognised standard in government frameworks, CAS has rapidly become the gold standard for pre-qualification within the industry.

Why choose our contractor management service?

  • Cost-free solution – that’s right, our service is fully managed on your behalf. So, you can save both time and money with everything you need to easily monitor and manage the contractors working on your premises.
  • Reduce risk – you’ll have a dedicated account manager by your side promoting clarity through compliance so you can reduce risk in your supply chain.
  • Support on hand – by outsourcing to our Health & Safety specialists, you and your contractors benefit from a consistent assessment process rated ‘most supportive’ by suppliers.
  • Streamline contractor sourcing – with a network of accredited contractors at your fingertips, finding the right contractors and suppliers you need is simple. Quickly and easily connect with safe contractors that meet your specific requirements.
  • Tailored solutions – we know that each client has unique requirements. So we make sure the level of accreditation works for you.