Are Environmental Management Systems beneficial?

With the recent worrying news about River Sheppey and River Frome that joins with River Avon, being polluted from an unknown source, resulting in over 3000 fish being killed, should we start asking ourselves, are we doing enough and what documentation we have in place to control our business’s environmental impacts?

No matter where we are, how big our business is or which sector we are operating in, we should understand that we all have an impact on our surroundings. Big or small, examples can be seen everywhere; dust produced during groundworks disturbs photosynthesis; noise nuisance affects fauna, accidental release of chemically contaminated water pollutes groundwaters, deoxygenates rivers and ponds. Despite how hard to identify these can be, with a proper Environmental Management System it can be easy and often even cost-effective to successfully control our impact on the environment.

Benefits of EMS and how SMAS Worksafe can help you achieve the standard.

Our actions are more important than ever and we should all want to make a positive difference. How? By implementing an Environmental Management System within your organisation. As easy as it sounds, the system delivers answers to our questions on how to successfully control your impacts on the environment and protect the business from legal penalties. This management system is defined as a set of procedures and processes enabling the business to reduce and control environmental impacts and increase their operating efficiency. With its plan do check act structure the system is the foundation for ISO 14001 accreditation.

Unspoken benefits of Environmental Management System include reducing the risk of non-compliance and meeting regulatory obligations. Apart from the legal side, implementing an EMS within your organisation can bring competitive advantages over other businesses who don’t have it. The system can become an additional marketing tool for organisations wanting to stand out from the crowd and increase their visibility on the procurement market.

Not ISO 14001 accredited yet? No Environmental Management System in place?

With the Preferred Supplier Program based on the PAS91 question set, SMAS Worksafe meets your needs:

  • We will review the information to check that the organisation is compliant with all relevant environmental legislation
  • We will assess the business’s individual documentation and provide recommendations to improve their Environmental Management Systems (EMS)
  • We will remove significant time and costs needed by your organisation to manage and monitor these processes by providing documentation templates to get your company going, or to build on current systems.

Don’t miss the opportunity and act now. For more information or to talk further about Environmental Management Systems call us on 01752 697 370