Changes to SMAS application process

The changes in the SMAS Worksafe application process are temporary and have been developed to enable a pragmatic and proportionate approach to all desktop assessments for suppliers who may be struggling with the impact of COVID-19.

Companies must be given additional support, in the short-term, where they cannot access pertinent information (due to furloughs and/or site/office closures) but wish to keep important certification in place during this period.

Why we have made changes to our application:

  • We recognise that people are not located in their normal business premises and that this may mean they do not have access to the documentation they need
  • Feedback from our accredited members is that they wish to keep certification in date
  1. to some extent, they’re required to continue to deliver on contracts during the coronavirus crisis
  2. they wish to avoid potential delays and keep certification in date in preparation for returning to work when possible

Our application process has changed in the following way:

Note: the following approach is available only to renewing members and not those who are completing the application for the first time, as this approach relies on the availability of previously assessed information.

  • Those companies who are renewing their SMAS Worksafe certification during the period of lock-down will have a choice to either:
  1. upload the latest available policies and other documentation, if available (recommended),or
  2. upload a holding document to certain questions where documentation is not accessible, which can be blank and labelled “Carry forward” to let us know they wish to use the same information provided in the previous year’s assessment
  • All areas of questioning covered by the SSIP core criteria can be addressed using the above option to carry information forward, except for key qualifications relating to high-risk trades, which will be required to be evidenced as in-date. Find out more about SSIP accreditation process.


  • All information carried forward will have formed part of the members successful application in the previous year, so we know the information is good and meets criteria HOWEVER there may be some changes in the company’s activities which are not reflected and so these changes must be expressed by the member in the form of additional notes


  • Where appropriate the SMAS Worksafe assessor will review information, reflect on any significant changes, and provide the member with a clear action plan of changes which they must acknowledge and agree to implement, ready for their next annual reassessment in 2021.


  • We will not require wet signatures on policies or other documentation but instead ask the member to digitally agree to a declaration that states all information is accurate and up to date.


SMAS Worksafe application changes

Or watch this short video explaining the changes.