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SMAS Worksafe offer more than just SSIP for contractors. We also offer our clients a cost free supply chain management solution which includes monthly site reports for all of your contractors and access to the SMAS Worksafe portal for finding new contractors you might require. As a client you also have the ability to choose the level of accreditation you wish your contractors to have, this could be just health & safety or include areas such as environmental and quality management.

Stonebond properties have chosen to make SMAS Worksafe their SSIP accreditation of choice and we help them to manage their current supply list and give them access to our portal to find new contractors when needed.

Stonebond are a medium size business with major growth ambitions. They now operate across multiple regions (Chelmsford, St Albans and Sevenoaks) with an ambitious target of 1,300 completions by 2025.

They hold a niche position in the market focusing on schemes of between 20 to 200 units with a ‘sweet spot’ of between 60 to 80 units; a size not typically large enough for volume housebuilders but equally too large for smaller SMEs.

The business takes pride in its sustainable commitment to housebuilding and holds itself to account through a range of demanding objectives with any new development. Adopting a comprehensive set of measures outlined through the National TOMS Framework. This focuses on four key themes: local jobs and skills, supporting regional business, creating healthier communities and protecting the environment.

By following this framework, the business ensures it is embedding social value into each new development, creating thriving communities which improve the quality of life and wellbeing of both residents, and the local community.

We spoke with Paul Kelly, the Commercial Director at Stonebond. Paul has been with the business since 2017 having previously worked 12 years with two other national housing developers.

On his role within Stonebond he said; “I am responsible for managing the commercial team and obviously making sure the commercial side of the business operates as smoothly as possible.”

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“The best benefits of working with SMAS Worksafe is having access to their online portal. We can quickly and easily find contractors and trades within specific regions which is great for a business with multiple sites all over the UK.”
Paul Kelly / Commercial Director for Stonebond Properties
Paul Kelly
Commercial Director

Stonebond properties have requested that all their contractors use SMAS Worksafe for their SSIP scheme. This allows them to skip any comparisons between different accreditations and manage all of their contractors in one place. We then keep them updated with monthly compliance reports that let them know the current SSIP status of everyone on their sites.

“Before we were approached by SMAS Worksafe about supply chain management though SSIP we had an external H&S advisor, commercially we would still request site specific and company RAMS prior to contract letting but switching to SSIP has made the task much easier.

We can send all new contractor’s straight to SMAS Worksafe for certification and if we’re looking on the SMAS Worksafe portal for contractors we know they already meet our requirements – it’s an easy process.

The monthly compliance reports are also extremely useful for staying on top of our site safety. We receive site by site reports that tell us the status of every contractors SSIP assessment, including if they’re close to renewal. This makes our lives extremely easy; we can send the reports to the site managers and they are able to chat with anyone who may be needed to take action.”

“SMAS Worksafe are a well-known industry brand, and this gives both us and our subcontractors confidence that the working environment they’re working under is safe and supported by a leading member of SSIP.”
Paul Kelly / Commercial Director for Stonebond Properties
Paul Kelly
Commercial Director
Stonebond Properties Housing

Have you used the SMAS Worksafe portal to find new contractors? If yes, how was the process?

“We often use the SMAS Worksafe portal to find new contractors, as previously mentioned being able to find contractors for our different regions is useful. The portal is also incredibly easy to use interface which saves us time, we can easily filter for what we’re looking for and don’t have to worry about them now having SSIP with SMAS Worksafe, which means we don’t waste time looking for contractors who don’t meet our health & safety requirements.”

Would recommend SMAS Worksafe’s supply chain management to other clients?

“Yes, they’re a well organised and very efficient helpful team who have made our search for finding and vetting contractors incredibly easy. If you’re struggling to source contractors or spending lots of time checking accreditations then I highly recommend contacting SMAS Worksafe. It’s a really simple process and we haven’t had any issues with the service they provide.”

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