Complete safety coverage and support

All industries of work come with their risks but none more so than construction. Falling from height is by far the most common cause of injury in construction and approximately 40 people sadly pass away every year due to falling from a height and the risks are even higher when mobility may be impeded.

Having the correct safety procedures in place and making sure your staff have the relevant training is imperative to reducing the risks. SMAS Worksafe recognises that and so we have partnered with organisations to help make sure our members have not just the correct safety procedures in place but have access to training and other benefits to help reduce the risks as much as possible.

The Procedures:

SMAS Worksafe will help your business with having a health and safety assessment (SSIP) that is recognised throughout the UK. Our assessors will check over your businesses health and safety policy to make sure you are doing all you can to reduce the risks which your work involves.

When assessing your businesses health & safety we will be making sure you have the below areas accounted for:

  • That you have the necessary competence to undertake the trades requested;
  • That you have safe working procedures identifying how the tasks will be conducted in a safe and controlled manner;
  • That you are monitoring the health and safety standards within the organisation to ensure a safe working environment for your personnel;
  • That you have the appropriate arrangements in place for dealing with health and safety aspects within the organisation, such as accident reporting and providing adequate welfare facilities; and
  • That you are communicating with your workforce on health and safety issues that are important to your industry, such as the Coronavirus.



We recognise that whilst having a health and safety policy in place is important, it doesn’t give you complete security for reducing risks. Our partner, IHASCO specialises in online courses to help your employees gain the relevant health & safety training for their respective jobs and cover a wide range of sectors from construction to education as well as retail and hospitality.

SMAS Members are entitled to a discount with IHASCO so you can get your staff fully trained at a premium price.

Health Tests:

One aspect of work that is often overlooked is hearing, however, for many sectors such as construction, hearing difficulties can be common due to the constant exposure to loud equipment and machinery.

This can cause serious problems not just for the individual’s personal life, but also for others they may be working with. A loss of hearing makes you less sensitive to what’s going on around you, whether that is a reversing vehicle or something as little as colleagues trying to communicate.

Our partner, WorkScreen offers your business the ability to test staff on site. Their hearing tests are done in about 30 minutes and can be completed without having to give staff time away from their working environment.


The final part of any business’s compliance is ultimately a safety blanket to fall back on if the worst should happen. We have partnered with Premierline insurance so that our members can get the best insurance for a fair price.

Premierline is a broker service in UK for businesses ranging from micro SME’s to those larger businesses with more complex insurance needs. Their experienced advisors are able to complete a market search to arrange the right insurance solution to meet your insurance requirements.