Getting back to business

With the roadmap for the UK coming out of lockdown looking set to end on June 21st, all businesses up and down the UK will be able to return to normal with many of those being able to reopen their doors in May.

Planning for the reopening will likely be underway but have you considered your businesses compliance?

SMAS Worksafe can help your business to reach Health & Safety compliance as well as give you support for other areas such as environmental, quality management, anti-bribery and finance.

Health & Safety

SMAS Worksafe specialise is health & safety and helping businesses to attain their SSIP (safety scheme in procurement) certificate. If you’re unsure on what SSIP is, you can find out more here.

SSIP is a nationally recognised standard for health and safety and so employers can have complete confidence in their health and safety policies once they have obtained the certificate, which has never been more important with Coronavirus having such a profound impact on the world. Making sure your health and safety policies and procedures are up to date is a great way to achieve peace of mind for your reopening.

When you take out the standard SSIP assessment with SMAS Worksafe you gain access to a PQQ Profile which enables you to upload documents you have in relation to other areas of compliance. If you’re unsure on your business’s compliance in areas such as environmental and quality management, we offer a Pro package which will help you to gain recognised standards for both areas.


With Worksafe Pro, we will make sure your business has environmental compliance recognised by IEMA. We will check over and existing policies you have and make sure that they meet the standards needed. If you don’t have any environmental procedures in place, we can pass you over to our sister company, Citation who will be able to help you write the policies to cover you and your environmental footprint.

Quality Management

SMAS Pro customers will also have their existing quality management policies checked over by one of our assessors against the IRCA standards. If you don’t have any quality management policies in place, just like environmental compliance, our sister company Citation will be able to help you set up quality management procedures so that you can help to grow your businesses reputation.

Anti-Bribery, Modern Slavery & Financial

Worksafe Pro also includes policy templates for Anti-Bribery, Modern Slavery and Financial support so you can easily put policies in place for these areas and cover your business in all areas of compliance.

There’s never going to be a better time to get your business compliant before reopening and with the impact Coronavirus has had on the world, being compliant in areas such as health and safety has never been more important.