HSE to start the year by inspecting fabricated metal

HSE to start the year by inspecting fabricated metal

The Health Safety Executive (HSE) has announced that from January 2020 to March 2020 they will be visiting sites to ensure companies are complying with the law; with a focus on the control of exposure to welding fumes and metalworking fluids.

Welding Fumes and Metalworking Fluids: Serious Health Hazards

All welding fumes produced (including mild steel) are now classed as carcinogens, which is a substance capable of causing cancer in living tissue. In addition to this metalworking fluids can cause other medical issues including occupational asthma, occupational hypersensitivity pneumonitis and dermatitis.

HSE Enforcement: A Warning to Companies

As recently as November 2019 a Lincolnshire metal fabrication company has been fined for failing to comply with improvement notices issued by the HSE in relation to testing wood dust and powder coating local exhaust ventilation (LEV) and providing LEV for welding fume extraction on its sites.

Speaking after the hearing, HSE inspector Martin Giles said, “The failure to comply with an improvement notice is a serious offense. If you receive a notice, you should ensure you take appropriate action to correct the health and safety problems and breaches that are identified in the notice.”

There is revised guidance available so you can protect your workers from these serious health hazards. Please see the below links to view:

HSE Welding index.