Introducing SMAS Worksafe PQQ

Demonstrate you meet a higher level of compliance

SMAS Worksafe PQQ Wheel

Here at SMAS Worksafe we’ve been working to enable our members to demonstrate that they meet a high level of compliance in other areas away from the standard SSIP Health & Safety. Our additional question sets enable contractors to demonstrate compliance to clients across several important areas.

When SMAS Worksafe members log into their account online, they’ll be able to upgrade their profile to show compliance in the following areas:
Anti-bribery, Corruption and Modern Slavery – if you do not already have something in place then you can simply subscribe to the SMAS template provided on your account.
Environmental Management
• Quality Management
• Finance & Business Standing

What is “Worksafe PQQ”?

We know that demonstrating that your compliance with all your legal and regulatory requirements is important to you and is vital in helping you to win more work.
Achieving the “Preferred Supplier” status with SMAS Worksafe means that your company has committed to providing additional information about your organisations approach to the aforementioned areas above.

The information you provide will then be displayed on to your clients via the SMAS Contractor Portal, on which your company is already listed.

Organisations such as Redrow Homes, Persimmon Homes, as well as other national construction companies will use this information to find and vet the sub-contractors they work with; which is why it is important to maintain as full a profile as possible.

Helping you with tender submissions

You can also export your profile into one single pdf “Compliance Overview” pack which can be inserted into your future tender submissions.

Options to suit you
• Simply upload your information and publish it on your profile for clients to see.
• Engage with our continuous improvement programme and choose to have the information reviewed by SMAS Worksafe specialists who will then provide you with any recommendations you may wish to consider to improve the systems you have in place, over the next 12 months
• Utilise our guided support which provides 1:1 specialist advice for 10 days to help you get systems off the ground.

If you would like to discuss these options and fin out the most appropriate solution for your company, then please contact us on
01752 697 370

Getting Started
If you’re a SMAS worksafe member, simply login to your account, if not and you wish to find out more information, visit our PQQ page.