Bring all PQQ requirements together in one place

Builder profile x SMAS logo

Partnering with Builders Profile enables SMAS to offer contractors a simpler route to submitting information for assessment; but also means that Main Contractors can benefit too.

  • A simpler way to ask your sub-contractors to attain SSiP accreditation
  • Keeps all supplier information in one-place
  • Easily validate H&S obligations have been met with confidence
  • Increased confidence in the quality of H&S documentation held by Builders Profile – e.g. H&S policies, method statements – assessed and validated by H&S professionals against H&S standards recognised by the HSE.

A summary of services


Benefit from outsourcing H&S assessment management to the SMAS Worksafe

  • Outsource at ZERO cost, reducing the need for in-house resources associated with management of H&S assessments
  • Reduce risk to the organisation by outsourcing to H&S specialists
  • Credibility and consistency of scheme
  • Specialist H&S support provided by an in-house assessment team
  • Dedicated client support function
  • Contractors benefit from a consistent assessment process in line with the SSiP Core Criteria.

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Builder Profile Logo

Manage all other PQQ requirements in one place

  • Invite your sub-contractors to complete broader PQQ information in one place
  • A common database with many nation-wide contractors already holding information on the platform
  • Core PQQ aligned with PAS91 question set
  • Other questions required by your company can be added and collected too
  • Dedicated client support function
  • SMAS Worksafe integration meaning your contractors do not have to complete a separate PQQ for H&S assessment

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Up-to-date and Assessed Information on a Contractors Health and Safety Management System

Main Contractors have the responsibility to directly check the H&S Management Systems of the contractors they employ. This relies on Contractors keeping their H&S documentation up to date – which can often be overlooked.

The SMAS Worksafe logo makes this duty for Main Contractors much easier. Contractors who have a Builders Profile can now submit the H&S information held on their account to SMAS directly from their account, removing the need for them to complete an additional SMAS application. SMAS then check the quality of these submissions against the SSiP Core Criteria.

Documentation such as H&S Policies which have been assessed by SMAS as part of the SSiP assessment will then be passed back (with the company’s consent) to their Builders Profile, where Main Contractors can see the latest documentation accompanied by the logo and know that the quality of the information has met the standard appropriate for SSiP accreditation.

This removes the unnecessary duplication of time and effort for all involved. It also means that information is compliant, up to date and available through a single platform.

Raising the Standard of H&S Information

Once a contractor has been awarded a SMAS Worksafe certificate, the contractors Profile is awarded with a SMAS Worksafe logo against its SSiP certificate upload, for Main Contractors to see, along with confirmation of the expiry date.

As a Main Contractor who expects to see a SSiP certificate present on a sub-contractor’s Profile prior to tender this provides complete reassurance that the information submitted is both appropriate and in-date. Furthermore, the status of all certificates is updated every 24 hours so that Main Contractors know that at the time of seeing a SMAS Worksafe logo on a Builders Profile account then the information is current and accurate.

For more information and to discuss your company’s requirements please contact Hollie Baxter ( by email or on 01752 393 402