Save time and money with quality management

Quality is key to the success of a business. In fact, The Construction Index recently reported that long term quality is the most sought-after result in the construction industry. Quality management helps businesses ensure they meet the needs of customers and other stakeholders, by having a structure in place that helps ensure consistent quality. It is one of the best ways of reassuring potential clients that your business can meet project aims and deliver to a high standard. It is also a sensible solution to save you time and money. Having quality management enables your business to work in the most cost and resource-efficient way, saving you money, increasing your business’ efficiency, and supporting productivity.

Why should you care about quality management?

Businesses should do everything they can to keep up with their competitors. With a growing demand for quality policies in the tendering process and an increasingly competitive market, clients are seeking out those with compliance in quality management. Having quality management procedures in place shows that your business is committed to providing a quality service and product. This gives clients confidence that the work you carry out will be completed to a high standard and can give you a competitive edge when it comes to winning tenders.

How quality management can help:

Save costs

Good quality management can have many benefits for your business, one of the biggest is cost reduction. Research by the Charted Quality Institute found that better quality management could save the UK construction industry up to £12 billion a year.

Quality management reduces errors and the costs of quality failures. This helps you get things right the first time, every time. Preventing problems from occurring is far more cost-effective than trying to correct them later.

Quality management doesn’t just focus on product and service quality but on the means to achieve it. This means having more efficient processes in place which increases productivity and helps to reduce waste and the excess cost. Implementing quality management can also add value to your business by strengthening your reputation for providing high-quality products or services. This will help you stand out against your competition and increase customer confidence in your business. In turn, driving your business growth.

Save time

It takes time to fix errors, so reducing them is key. Quality management identifies areas for improvement. This means you can address and minimise issues quickly and prevent more serious problems from occurring such as project delays or product recalls.

Embedding a culture of quality in your business helps to train your employees and create awareness of their responsibilities in the management process. This helps ensure everyone in your business works towards the same quality objectives, streamlining processes so that time and resources are spent more effectively. Greater consistency in quality also means less time is spent dealing with complaints and more time focusing on customer needs.

Quality management helps to improve communication and aims to give you more visibility over your supply chain. This can set clear standards and expectations from the start of a contract saving you time by avoiding misunderstandings. Having documents in place will also save you time when it comes to inspection and demonstrating compliance.

Worksafe PQQ

With Worksafe PQQ your quality management documents will be reviewed by a trained specialist with recommendations made so you can be sure that your business meets high standards of practice. New to this area of compliance? We can assist. We can create bespoke documents tailored to your business, ideal if you’re looking at quality management for the first time. Get in touch to find out more about how we can help you with quality management.