Short staffed? Let us manage your Supply Chain Management

If your business is feeling the impact of Covid-19 and has left you having to reduce your workforce, managing a compliant and healthy supply chain could be an area that is overlooked or not fully understood.

Why not put your supply chain in the hands of our experts at SMAS Worksafe? We will make sure your supply chain stays compliant throughout and we will also send you monthly compliance reports so you can see the status of all your contractors SSIP certificates, additional information such as Environmental, Quality and Financial and also when they will need to be renewed.

Benefits of Supply Chain Management:

Managing a supply chain can be hard work which is why we offer you a no cost solution. Our in-house team will manage your supply chain so you can have the confidence of knowing that it’s taken care of.

Slip-ups in the supply chain can have lots of negative impacts on sites as well as cost your company time and money. If something is done incorrectly or to a poor standard, or perhaps a sub-contractor goes bust you will have to delay any work being done and find a replacement which is a hassle you don’t need.


SMAS’s main function is to help businesses obtain their SSIP Certificate. SSIP is the standard for health & safety throughout the UK so you will know that the contractors working on your sites are passed by us to a nationally accepted and recognised standard.

You will also have access to the SMAS Portal which will allow you to pick and choose from all of our members. We are now offering and encouraging our members access to further areas of compliance such as environmental and quality management in our standard assessment which means when you’re looking for contractors you will be able to see if they have submitted information on their levels of compliance beyond just health & safety.

Choose your standard

We will also let you choose a minimum standard of assessment, so you have complete control of who is allowed access to work on your sites.

We offer 3 stages of compliance:

  • SSIP only – the contractor only has an SSIP certificate and no further levels of compliance.
  • SSIP and Self-certified additional information- the contractor has their SSIP assessment but has also completed additional information via a self-upload.
  • SSIP and Reviewed – the contractor has their SSIP accreditation and SMAS have checked over the additional information and reviewed the documents.

You will be able to choose one of the above options for contractors to obtain in order to be on your sites, so you have complete control.

What areas we cover

We offer supply chain management not only to the construction industry but also to the education and care sector

  • Education: We support schools, further education establishments and higher education institutions. It is vital that these organisations are able to manage any significant risks in the sector for suppliers, pupils and members of staff. Our assessment takes a sensible approach to ensuring that organisations in Education are able to manage any risks.
  • Care: Our Care experts understand this sector inside and out and we provide a specific assessment to ensure that the pain points, struggles and responsibilities applicable to those common activities you undertake are addressed and any risks are managed.


If you’d like to learn more please click here or give Trish Meyer a call on 01752 697370 ext 393404.