What is SSSTS?

The Site Supervision Training Scheme (SSSTS) is a course accredited by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB). It’s designed to promote the best health and safety workplace practices to those already in a supervisory role or are soon-to-be supervisors.

Why should you enrol on an SSSTS course?

Whether you’re progressing into a permanent supervisory role, accepting temporary supervisory responsibilities on a construction site, or you simply just need to refresh your training, an SSSTS course is fundamental for your development. The scheme is designed to help you:

  • Understand the health and safety risks in the construction industry
  • Explain how health and safety legislation is structured and how it applies to supervisors specifically
  • Identify where your new position fits within the management structure and how it will help control site health and safety
  • Carry out thorough risk assessments, method statements, site inductions, and toolbox talks
  • Understand the importance of timely intervention when bad practices are identified
Site supervisor sitting on machinery

What does an SSSTS course cover?

The SSSTS course covers all supervisory responsibilities you would expect to take on in your new or current role such as:

  • Legal and management expectations
  • Health, welfare and general safety duties
  • How to manage high-risk activities
  • Participating in environmental and specialist activities.

The course is made up of both written and practical work, and you could be required to participate in group work as well as individual work.

How many questions are there in the SSSTS exam?

The exam itself is made up of 22 multiple choice questions and three, short written questions. These include four safety critical questions which must all be answered correctly to pass the exam. The pass rate for the exam is 80%.

How many days is the SSSTS course?

The SSSTS course lasts for two days and you’re required to take a one-day refresher course every five years.

Can you do an SSSTS course online?

Yes, SSSTS courses can now be booked online and will be carried out via an online meeting app. The course will cover the same modules as it would if it was carried out face-to-face and it will be led by a CITB qualified instructor. The two-day course costs £280 per attendee.

Is the SSSTS course difficult?

This course is designed to teach and encourage you to learn new skills which will be useful in your new or current role. It’s important to remember that you’ll have the support of a CITB qualified professional if you have any questions or concerns over the two-day period.

Our sole aim is to make sure we deliver the training in such a way that is relevant to your everyday work and easy to understand.

Businessman writing notes / SSSTS

What happens if you fail the SSSTS?

If you fail the SSSTS exam, you can be offered an immediate re-sit which you can take on the same day.

However, should you fail the re-sit, you will need to enrol for an SSSTS reassessment within 90 days of the original course date at an additional charge. Once you pass, you will then be awarded the certificate as normal.

What certificate is available?

Successful candidates will receive a CITB certificate which will be valid for five years, renewed by attending a one-day refresher course.

Can you run a site with an SSSTS qualification?

Once you have completed the course, you’ll have a well-rounded understanding of how to manage a construction site safely, compliantly, and effectively.

It’s also important that business owners make sure any Site Supervisor has the relevant SSSTS qualification to help maintain high standards when it comes to health and safety. Accidents and injuries can not only be life changing for individuals but be costly to a business. Staff who have taken the SSSTS qualification will have demonstrated their commitment to site safety and will understand it’s ongoing importance.

How much is an SSSTS course?

The price of SSSTS courses is normally between £250-£300. SMAS Worksafe now provide an online SSSTS course for £280.

Can I get help with the cost of an SSSTS course?

Yes, the CITB levy is designed to support you with the cost of the course and it’s split into a tier system based on the level of the course. See the below discounts for reference:

So, an SSSTS course would cost you £210:

Cost of course (£280) – CITB discount (£70) = £210.

All you need to do is; upon payment – submit your CITB registration number to us or your delegate’s learning number and as an approved training organisation, we’ll submit the paperwork.

NB – Grants are paid directly by the CITB to your organisation so please make sure you’ve provided them with the correct bank details using this form.

Do you need CSCS if you have SSSTS?

You will still need to hold a valid CSCS card to prove you have the appropriate training and competence to work on a construction site. An SSSTS will not be accepted as a route to gaining a CSCS trainee card.

To obtain a CSCS card, you will need to complete a relevant occupational NVQ at a level high enough to the card you wish to achieve.

Does SSSTS go on CSCS Card?

Yes, you can add your SSSTS qualification to your current CSCS card to show you hold additional qualification.

Why choose SMAS Worksafe?

As one of the UK’s leading providers for health and safety assessments, we hold a strong reputation with accrediting bodies so we can confidently support our consultants with their professional growth.

All of our trainers are CITB qualified and hold years of experience in delivering the SSSTS course so you can rest assured your development is in good hands. Our SSSTS course is carried out remotely, so you won’t have the hassle or expense of attending a face-to-face lesson and you’ll benefit from a smaller group environment allowing you to access the trainer more easily.

If you want to find out more about what our SSSTS course has to offer or you’re ready to book a place, head to our dedicated training page or call our team on 01752 280183 and they’ll be happy to help.