SMAS Membership Updates

We’re updating our package and membership structure to help give our members more choice and make sure they get not just the certificates and accreditations they need, but also make sure they get the right support from us.

The new system has been designed to make getting what you need as easy as possible. First choose the accreditation your business requires, then choose from one of 3 membership options depending on how much support your business would like or gain access to some of our member benefits.

Now you have the ability to choose accreditation and support separately so you can get the package that’s right for your business and only pay for what you need.

Below is a template of how choosing your package will now work and all the benefits of each area.

Choose your accreditation

Worksafe PQQ

SMAS Worksafe PQQ Table

Worksafe SSIP

Choose your membership

SMAS Membership Options Table


Why choose Standard?

Our Standard membership is best for businesses who are just looking to obtain an SSIP certificate, whether that is to work for a particular client or to have a reputable name backing their businesses health & safety policies.

Essential (from £149)

Why choose Essential

Our Essential package is built for those who want more from their SSIP accreditation.

Essential will allow your business more flexibility. You’ll be able to update any new trades and personnel without additional costs and receive both a foil certificate and van stickers as part of the membership.

You will also receive a work wallet subscription to help your business manage an array of tasks such as accident reporting, audits, work permits, IDs and much more.

Complete (From £249)

Why Choose Complete?

Complete is what you expect. Complete guidance and support with your business’s health & safety.

Like Essential you will have the ability to add additional scopes or personnel to your policy and will also benefit from a Work Wallet subscription.

You will also however have access to complete support from SMAS Worksafe, we will be on the phone to answer any questions you have throughout your membership.

On top of this we will also give you action plans to improve your health and safety procedures and check in on you after 6 months to see how you’re getting on and if anything has changed, so you’re always on top of changing working environments.

You’ll also have a pre assessment for renewal, meaning we will store up to 60% of your information to save you time when it comes to renewal.

Worksafe Assist*

What you get

Bespoke policies created by us to support your business.

*Only available with Worksafe PQQ.

Free Consultation

Get in touch to organise a free audit of your business.

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