Why choose SMAS Worksafe as your SSIP Scheme

If you need an SSIP certificate for your business or are thinking about working for some clients that might require SSIP for the tendering process then there are lots of choice as to which SSIP scheme you should use. In some cases, a client may ask for the SSIP certificate to come from a specific provider.

If you’re a large business that works across many sites for different clients, you may be asked for 2 different SSIP certificates, in this case, it is best to use the deem to satisfy process which we will cover in more detail later.

If your clients are not asking for a specific SSIP certificate the market is open. Here are some reasons as to what choosing SMAS Worksafe as your SSIP Scheme can do for your business and the benefits that come with choosing us over other SSIP accreditation companies.

Quick Turnaround:

Sometimes the deadlines for being on-site are quick and not meeting the required dates can mean you miss out on potential tender. This is why our assessments are completed online and most of our applications are approved within 3 days. Allowing you to get your SSIP certificate and avoid any hold-ups on being able to start working.

In-house assessors:

Lots of our competitors outsource their assessors, this can mean you have multiple people looking over your application and getting through to them for support can be difficult. This is why all of our assessors are based in-house, if you do become stuck with any of the stages of your application, our team of experts are on hand and happy to guide you through your application,.

Our team is based in the UK and is available to chat Monday – Friday.

Be visible to our clients:

When you become a member of SMAS Worksafe you’ll also become visible to our clients on the client portal. Clients such as Redrow and Taylor Wimpey use our portal to find approved contractors for upcoming or ongoing projects. By searching for contractors on our portal, they are able to easily find contractors in their area who are already SSIP approved. This speeds up the tendering process and takes away the stress of having to check contractors’ health & safety compliance.

Member benefits and discounts:

SMAS Worksafe offers a range of membership options for our customers. Depending on your membership with us you may be entitled to benefits such as 10% off Tradepoint, 15% off e-learning courses with IHASCO and a Work Wallet subscription to help you keep on top of your business.

Worksafe PQQ and PAS 91:

We also offer all of our customers access to further areas of compliance with our Worksafe PQQ package. Worksafe PQQ has been designed to align with the PAS 91 pre-qualification questionnaire which was designed to help speed up the tendering process.

With Worksafe PQQ your business will meet this standard and along with SSIP. your business will be armed to go into any tender process with the requirements met, saving you time and stress when going for contracts with new clients.

Read Our Reviews:

If you’re still unsure about how SMAS can help your business, please see our Trustpilot reviews and see what our members are saying.