6 Benefits of SMAS Worksafe Accreditation

Visibility to Clients: The SMAS database is viewed by the procurement teams of their Clients including Persimmon, Redrow Homes, Cala Homes, Midas and many more. Developing an advertising campaign to access that sort of audience would cost significantly more than the cost of the SMAS assessment (£180).


Demonstrating H&S Competence: Contractors have a legal responsibility to put an appropriate H&S Management systems in place. If you have a system that meets the SSIP Core Criteria, why not gain a nationally recognised accreditation and advertise to your customers and potential clients letting them know that you are serious about H&S?


SSIP Mutual Recognition

  • If you hold a valid SMAS Worksafe certificate other SSIP registered Member Schemes such as CHAS or SafeContractor will not ask you to repeat the core H&S questions.
  • If you already hold a valid approval by another SSiP Member Scheme and wish to gain the SMAS Worksafe Certificate you only need to complete a simple verification form and provide your existing certificate.
  • If you need to complete a PAS 91 or Construction Line questionnaire a SMAS Worksafe certificate will exempt you from having to complete the core H&S questions again, to gain their accreditation.


Save time and money: under H&S legislations clients need to ensure that any sub-contractors they engage are competent. Holding a valid SMAS Worksafe certificate means contractors simply need to submit that certificate to potential clients in order to demonstrate that they operate an appropriate H&S management system that meets the SSIP Core Criteria – which is now recognised by most leading construction companies.


Ensure your H&S management system remains appropriate: annual certification by SMAS means that you are regularly audited to ensure your H&S systems remain up to date. During your SMAS assessment if any failings are found they will be identified and advised to you – provided they are rectified you will not be charged a re-assessment fee.


Let SMAS help you manage your sub-contractors: H&S legislation states that contractors must take the necessary checks to ensure that any sub-contractors they engage operate to an appropriate H&S management system. This can take up valuable time and resources. Outsourcing this process to SMAS is FREE and in addition you get access to:

  • their qualified assessment and client support team.
  • a web based portal that allows you to monitor and communicate with your subcontractors.
  • the SMAS database of c20,000 contractors to help you identify potential new sub-contractors.

Need assistance? Contact the SMAS team on 01752 697370.