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Win more business as well as demonstrate competence to the organisations you work with.

Tendering for work is becoming increasingly competitive. Principle contractors and
other organisations are beginning to expect more from the contractors they work
with and now typically ask for information about other areas of the operations
– including its environmental management alongside areas like Modern Slavery.

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    SMAS Worksafe PAS 91 Additional question sets service wheel

    Areas covered by the SMAS Worksafe Preferred Supplier Status additional question set aimed at ensuring your business has all the information any client could need before assessing your tender.

    What are the options?


    Health & Safety (SSIP)
    Worksafe PQQ Profile
    Policy Templates
    IEMA Environmental Review
    IRCA Quality Review
    Action Plans
    Helpline Access
    Tailored policies provided
    by SMAS Worksafe
    Mid-year Review


    Health & Safety (SSIP)
    Worksafe PQQ Profile
    Policy Templates
    IEMA Environmental Review
    IRCA Quality Review

    Option to add-on tailored
    Environmental or Quality policies provided by SMAS Worksafe

    Worksafe Assessment

    Health & Safety (SSIP)
    Worksafe PQQ Profile

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    Your SSIP assessment will be completed online and is judged against the SSIP core criteria, once passed you’ll achieve a certificate recognised by thousands of organisations nationwide.

    The Worksafe PQQ Profile give you access to additional areas such as Environmental and Quality Management with the ability to self-upload your documents.

    Available as part of the Pro and Infinity packages, pre-written Policy Templates will be made available to you for both Modern Slavery and Anti Bribery. Having these available to you will save you both money and time we there’s no need to pay someone to write these for you or spend time collating the information yourself.

    Both these areas are only available to those purchasing the Worksafe Pro and Worksafe Infinity packages.

    IEMA Environmental Review
    An IEMA qualified professional from SMAS Worksafe will review of your Environmental Management approach to ensure that they meet the required standards. 

    IRCA Quality Review
    An IRCA qualified professional from SMAS Worksafe will review of your Quality Management approach to ensure that they meet the required standards. 

    Only available as part of the Worksafe Infinity package, we’ll look to understand how well your meeting your obligations as a supplier and make recommendations on areas of improvement whilst helping you to avoid any financial or legal implications as well as win more work with Clients.

    Only available as part of Worksafe Infinity, the helpline provides on demand advice and support around all areas of your SMAS Worksafe membership including all areas of your Environmental. Management.

    Exclusive to the Worksafe Infinity package, we’ll review your business activities and produce a set of bespoke policies and procedures that are compliant with IEMA and IRCA that you can implement in your business saving you both time and money.

    As part of the Worksafe Infinity package, after 6 months, we’ll get back in contact to see how you’re getting on with your policies and procedures making sure you become a more reliable supplier helping your people consistently deliver great service.

    Application Process

    Our online application process is simple to complete. We only ask you the questions that are relevant to your business size and activities; and we are always on hand to assist by telephone should you need some friendly advice.

    The additional question sets can be completed as standalone or at the same time you complete your SSIP assessment with us. If your business is starting from scratch on any of the topics, templates and other resources are available from your online account.

    Once information is uploaded and verified, tendering companies can engage with companies regarding additional policies or information required over the annual membership; helping to build a rapport and dialogue.

    Preferred Supplier Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ)

    The SMAS Worksafe Preferred Supplier question set is compliant with PAS 91 standards. The PAS 91 questionnaire is reflected in the structure of the Preferred Supplier package so you can be confident that your business is eligible to bid on work that uses the PAS 91 framework. 

    The PAS 91 standards recognise other construction accreditations, reducing the amount of time you have to spend on answers. When completing your SMAS Preferred Supplier certification, previous qualifications like SSIP and ISO 9001 will cut down on the number of responses needed. These certifications can also then be used as evidence of your capability for jobs during the tendering process.

    For suppliers, we also offer a pre-qualification questionnaire template for contractors to complete as evidence of their compliance through our supply chain management service.

    This section is the standard SSIP assessment available through SMAS Worksafe. It constitutes an online assessment with no need to visit your site or office. Our trained assessors will review your safety policies, as well as any related procedures and records. Assessments are judged against the SSIP core criteria to achieve a certificate recognised by thousands of organisations nationwide.

    For this section, we will assess your business’ financial history, including cash flow and financial practices. This section is particularly important for buyers planning long-term or high-value projects to ensure contractors are financially capable of delivering the work. 

    Some example documents we may need include bank references, audited account statements and insurance documents. Submitting this information demonstrates to key buyers that your business is stable and there is minimal chance of your business going into administration and therefore unable to complete work.

    Created with the aim of allowing you to focus on your business, a quality management system ensures the business has a structure and has set out its responsibilities. It also identifies and encourages efficiency, financial savings and time management as well as highlighting areas of improvement through management of non-conformances, complaints and more.

    The Bribery Act of 2010 is designed to have a significant impact upon how a business in the UK conducts their affairs. There are no legal turnover thresholds as per the Modern Slavery Act. Businesses who are transparent and have a robust system in place act as an example of their commitment to prevent bribery. If members do not currently hold a policy in any of these areas, SMAS Worksafe can assist by collecting and/or providing guidance on how to implement these policies. This gives you reassurance that you are meeting the legal requirements once these policies have been implemented.

    The pressure on businesses and industry to try and reduce the impact they’re having upon the environment has been increasing over the past few years. Employing an Environmental Management system will not only reduce energy usage and waste but also reduces environmental liability and risk, meaning your business is compliant with legislative and regulatory requirements and reduces its impact upon the environment.

    The Modern Slavery Act was introduced in 2015 and ensures businesses and supply chains have a process in place to mitigate risk. Businesses with a turnover of over 36 million pound must have a policy in place and demonstrate this on their website. Those below the 36 million threshold may be requested or wish to demonstrate a policy as best practice, ensuring their business and supply chain are transparent and free from risk. A modern slavery statement is pivotal when protecting workers from slavery and human trafficking. The statement places onus on the company to ensure their supply chain and business does not breach legal requirements.

    Why Become a Preferred Supplier?

    Completing our additional question sets means you’re able to evidence a rounded apporach to your legal responsibilities, as well as showing a conscientious approach to how you operate your business.

    Additional questions provide a fluid framework for procurement, enabling your organisation to upload processes for tender opportunities.

    SMAS Worksafe has become a corporate partner with IEMA to promote, educate and develop organisations on how environmental and sustainability should be at the forefront of any companies business plan for the future.

    IEMA identifies that only 13% of organisations have the right skills on board to implement systems as part of the new sustainable economy. SMAS Worksafe Preferred Supplier provides the necessary resources to support and maintain a company’s profile, demonstrating to key buyers how you place an environmental management system in line with other key processes.