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What is a CHAS accreditation?

A CHAS accreditation is a type of SSIP (safety scheme in procurement) certificate which can be used to show off a company’s health & safety practices and also grant them access to work for certain companies such as Redrow or Taylor Wimpey who require an SSIP to work on their sites but there may be better accreditations for your business.

Should you choose CHAS?

CHAS is one of many companies that offer SSIP certificates but depending on your employee count, may not be the best value for your business. The higher the number of employees the higher the cost of your accreditation, meaning for companies that employ over 50 people it can become more costly than other SSIP accreditations.

What are the alternatives:

SMAS Worksafe can also provide your business with an SSIP certificate and have benefits and processes in place to help you get the application done as quickly and easily as possible. We offer a 3-day turnaround from the start of the application to become accredited, in-house assessors are available via the phone to help answer any questions or issues you come across and offer a flat-rate pricing structure so no matter how many employees your business has, the price will remain the same.

Worksafe Preferred Supplier:

SMAS Worksafe also gives you the ability to upload documents for other areas of compliance as part of the standard SSIP package. This means that you can upload documents for areas such as quality management and environment which will show on the SMAS Client portal. This means when a client like Redrow are looking for tradespeople they will be able to see that you have uploaded documents in these areas and potentially give you an edge over those who don’t.

We also offer a ‘reviewed’ package which means an assessor would have gone through those documents to make sure they are to the required standard. Those with the reviewed package will also show in the client portal, giving them an edge of those who have just used the self-upload.

Learn more about Worksafe Preferred Supplier here.