Are you ready to return to site?

Following the government’s announcement on Sunday that people are able to go to work if they feel safe, lots of businesses and workers have made the return to work this week. Some construction and house building sites began to reopen as early as late April but following Sunday’s announcement the numbers of those returning to work has increased.

Is your SSIP certificate in date?

If you are working for some of the larger house building companies such as Redrow, Taylor Wimpey and Midas you will need to hold a valid SSIP certificate. If you were working for them prior to the pandemic, we are now facing it is worth checking that your certificate is in date as you will need one to work on their sites, especially following Covid-19 as health & safety is at the front of everyone’s minds.

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New to working for house building companies?

If you are new to working with some of the companies above, you may not have heard of SSIP. In short, SSIP is an industry-standard of health and safety that contractors ask their subcontractors to obtain before they’re able to work on their sites. This ensures that the businesses they hire are following all the correct health & safety procedures and can give them peace of mind that the work being done on their sites is safe.

You can start an assessment with SMAS Worksafe for free clicking the button below. We offer a fast turnaround, free support from our in house assessors and flat-rate pricing so you can get your certificate as simply and easily as possible and get on with working.

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