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RJ Booth Services

SMAS assess a company’s H&S management system to ensure H&S has been considered throughout each phase of the construction process. RJ Booth Services were asked to gain SMAS Worksafe accreditation in order to fulfil the stage 1 requirement for Bovis Homes; fulfilling their legal obligation under CDM 2015.

R J Booth Services specialise in the modernisation and installation of a range of LED lighting and other electrical systems within new homes, commercial properties and industrial environments. Not only do R J Booth Services take pride in the quality work that they produce but they have also made serious investments in their customer care team and aftersales management systems, ensuring each customer has the best possible experience.

R J Booth Services Limited place Health & Safety at the forefront of their business.


“The welfare of all my staff and others is the most important factor of any Managing Director”. – Russell Booth, MD.


They have invested heavily this year by appointing a Health & Safety Manager, Garry Shaw, who’s primary role will be to make sure that all employees work safely and have all the necessary equipment. He will also make sure that RAMS are produced for every task and he will carry out regular site visits and issue Site safety briefings.

Quality control checks are completed for every employee and carrying out training to everyone’s needs.


“Our customers are also our main priority as keeping them happy is an important part of our business, as it leads to customer satisfaction and repeat business. I have built my business, on investing in people and building relationships with businesses, which in turn gives them confidence in what we produce.”


The addition of the SMAS Worksafe accreditation aids Main Contractors during the procurement process to establish whether a company has the required working practises to remove risks when working on site. As each contractor represents the Main Contractor while on site it is imperative that they uphold the high levels of compliance held by the Main Contractor and holding a SMAS Worksafe certificate means that they have been successfully assessed by qualified H&S professionals.

Bovis Homes, being one such Main Contractor that requests sub-contracting companies present a SMAS Worksafe certificate upon tendering for work with them, as such they asked R J Booth services to gain a SMAS worksafe certificate removing the need for an internal H&S PQQ phase to be completed.

Through completion of the Bovis Homes developments, R J Booth Services have been able to build a reputation for working safely, using their SMAS Certificate to secure new work with large Main Contractors such as McCarthy and Stone based in East Midlands. After completing the initial projects with great success, McCarthy and Stone have awarded additional developments to R J Booth Services some of which are currently on-going and goes to show the true value of holding a SMAS Worksafe certificate.

Main contractors search for new contractors within SMAS’s database to save time, efforts and cost by not having to request that the contractor complete the internal PQQ’s as part of a standard procurement process. This also means that each approved contractor within the SMAS database can be on site as soon as required, another attractive benefit.

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