SMAS attends Estates Seminar for USHA

The Universities Safety and Health Association held the latest Estates Seminar from the 10-11th July and Safety Management Advisory Services (SMAS) was in attendance.

The Universities Safety and Health Association (USHA) is an organisation “for the promotion of safety and health in higher education”.

USHA conference

The Association is recognised as leading in its space and now boasts a large membership with over 136 Institutions which represents all Universities in the UK as well as an additional 13 universities based overseas.

USHA’s mission statement is “to ensure the wellbeing of university staff, students and visitors through the promotion of health and safety within higher education.”

SMAS has been participating in USHA events over the last 12 months and contributing to ideas about how HE organisations can operate safely – not least when engaging with third party companies who are employed to carry out works on university sites; including any necessary vetting of a sub-contractor Health & Safety Management System before they are brought on to complete any work.

“We are proud to be able to participate in these discussions and contribute to the aims set out by USHA. We already work with universities to ensure that their estates team are able to identify suppliers to engage with when needed and can share a lot of best practise which we think will benefit others looking to achieve the same robust checks of their supply-chain” says Hollie Baxter, Business Development Manager at SMAS.

SMAS Worksafe Stall