How to get your business SSIP accredited

SSIP accreditation can bring many benefits to your business by demonstrating your compliance with health and safety regulations. Getting SSIP accredited is simple, especially with SMAS Worksafe. If you’re looking for how to get SSIP accreditation, then look no further:


How to get SSIP accreditation

At SMAS Worksafe, we can get you SSIP accredited in just 1-7 days! We’re all about making it simple for you – and here’s how we do it:


Choose an SSIP member scheme

The first thing you need to do is choose an SSIP member scheme. As an SSIP member ourselves, we can provide you with rapid accreditation, contact with our expert in-house assessors and more. It’s important you pick the suitable scheme for your business, with the SSIP requirements being different for each one. It’s also important to consider SSIP cost and choose a member that fits your budget.


Provide evidence of health and safety competence

So your business can get accredited, you’ll need to prove you meet the health and safety requirements for the scheme. This means policies, risk assessments, and training records are reviewed to make sure your business is health and safety competent.


Undertake an assessment

Next up is the assessment. This is the all-important step that decides whether you’ve passed SSIP accreditation. When you have submitted all evidence, your business will be assessed, which could involve a site visit or a review of the documents you’ve provided.


Get accredited!

If you meet the SSIP requirements, then you’ll be accredited! With SMAS Worksafe, we can get you accredited in just 1-7 days so you can demonstrate your health and safety competence to customers and clients instantly!


Maintain accreditation

It doesn’t stop there. It’s up to you to maintain your high health and safety standards by keeping your policies up-to-date and compliant with the latest legislation. This is a big indicator for clients showing them that your business can consistently meet the SSIP requirements for health and safety.


How SSIP accreditation benefits businesses

There are lots of benefits to businesses for achieving SSIP accreditation, including helping them to remain compliant with legal requirements and boosting client relationships. But that’s not all; here are some more benefits of SSIP:


  • Simplifies the bidding process
  • Raises your business profile
  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Reduce pre-qualification costs


If you want to learn more about the benefits of SSIP and what it is, then take a look at our page ‘SSIP Certification.


Get SSIP accredited with SMAS Worksafe!

Are you ready to get SSIP accredited with SMAS Worksafe? We’re experts in this area and can guide you to a successful SSIP accreditation in no time. We can put you in direct contact with an expert team of in-house assessors to help you prepare for an SSIP assessment.

Why not take a look at our SSIP services to see how we can help you?

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