Manage your clients and consultants in one place

Being a consultant can be tough. You have to juggle many tasks – from renewal dates to document tracking – all while keeping your clients certified. If you miss a renewal date or lose an important file, the consequences can be enormous.

Supply chain management might be even more complicated when the information you need is not in one place. When there are duplicate dates or conflicting information, things soon start to go wrong. Likewise, how can lead consultants manage their teams if they don’t have access to the whole picture?

This article will explore the various challenges of managing clients and consultants – and how the SMAS Worksafe Client Portal helps you manage everything in one place.

The challenges that consultants face

A SMAS Worksafe consultant must plan for the future while looking after the present. Every day, they’re faced with new challenges.

Track uncertified clients

Whether new or lapsed, a consultant must know when one of their clients has not been certified. To stay compliant, a consultant should be able to access the certified status of all clients. This will help them understand their situation and act accordingly if something’s not right.

Track renewal dates

Another fundamental requirement, consultants should be able to see all their clients’ certification renewal dates. They can then act if a renewal is approaching. This is especially crucial for repeating annual renewals, such as the SMAS Worksafe SSIP certification.

Manage documents

When it comes to certifications, documents are essential. Clients will need them to prove their certified status, and consultants may need to access them at any time. A good system should secure these documents while granting access to relevant parties.

Manage other consultants

For a lead consultant to manage their team effectively, they need the correct information. They need to see how consultants perform, where any issues arise, and allocate clients to team members. Partial or incorrect information may lead to critical errors.

Understand the big picture

A solid system should bring everything together. Consultants should be able to see any issues quickly, while lead consultants need a top-level view of how their team is functioning. Should any team member leave, there should be no interruption in service to the client.

SMAS Worksafe Client Portal

The SMAS Worksafe Client Portal gives consultants access to all crucial information in one place. They’ll see client-certified statuses at a glance, track renewal dates, and access any necessary documents.

Lead consultants can also oversee team members within the portal. They’ll get an overview of all consultants, allowing them to assign clients and manage workloads. Crucially, they’ll spot issues early and ensure things continue to run smoothly should a team member leave.

All of this information – and more – is available in one place immediately after logging in to the portal. There, consultants can concentrate on keeping their clients certified, saving valuable time and effort. Get in touch today to see how the SMAS Worksafe Client Portal can benefit your business.