Reporting on compliance

Why is compliance important?

Showing that your organisation knows how to work to a required standard is one thing but actively working to that standard and being able to show this easily when required is the real challenge.

CDM regulations 2015 state that it’s a main contractor’s responsibility to ensure that the companies it contracts with have the organisational capability to complete works required of them. One way to cater for this is to only work with contractors that have been assessed by an SSiP scheme member and awarded a certificate such as the SMAS Worksafe accreditation.

Having a documented history of compliant operations in line with a recognised standard demonstrates that company has acted to prevent unwanted negative outcomes. A robust documented and reportable system is without a doubt the best set of evidence that a company can keep.

Why it’s important to show compliance

Since Main Contractors have the responsibility to ensure that all contracting companies have shown they can complete the works required of them it is imperative that contracting companies have been assessed before commencing any work. Should an incident ever occur it would be detrimental if a Main Contractor failed to demonstrate that a system was in place to carry out these checks.

Having a system or process in place for performing initial checks is essential, being able to produce bespoke reports detailing a history of compliance will further help to clarify such diligence exists within the organisation and its culture.

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A bit about SMAS Compliance reports for clients

SMAS provide its clients a solution to record compliance activities through an online secure portal offering real time overviews by region/site showing the contractors assigned to each along with their current accreditation status.

The reports can be produce based on multiple variables such as date range, site or region showing the contractors assigned to each and their status at that time. Overall compliance can be shown as a percentage, colour coded or chart visual to quickly identify areas of risk and high compliance.

SMAS ensure that reports are sent regularly to its clients but can also be accessed online in real time via a client portal which also offers multiple user accounts to enable multiple departments to gain access to the data.

Main Contractors that would like to have peace of mind knowing companies that they contract with have been assessed to a recognised standard and recorded within a documented management system can contact SMAS to discuss setting up an account for sub-contractor management by using the contact details below. “Keeping a clear and thorough history of compliance will enable a company to build a reputation for working safely.”


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