SMAS Worksafe forms new partnership with Local Supply Chain

Achieving the H&S standard required to attain certification with SSIP (Safety Schemes in Procurement) is a great thing for any business operating in construction in the UK to do. It means that you have a documented management system, appropriate to your business, which supports your team to carry out work in a safe way which reduces the risk of harm to both themselves and others. Meeting this requirement and achieving SSIP status as a contractor has become a prerequisite in recent years.

Having SSIP certification in place means companies can save time and money over the year as they are able to use this to demonstrate good health & safety practises without having to complete multiple prequalification forms for different clients.

Due to a new partnership with Local Supply Chain (LSC), SMAS Worksafe members can benefit from advertising their SMAS certification on their LSC profiles. This means that clients using LSC as a way of finding or managing existing suppliers, can see the status of a company’s SSIP certification with SMAS without the need for the company to do anything. Once a supplier adds their SMAS membership in LSC, Profiles are automatically updated based on their status, rewarding those company’s which keep their SSIP status up-to-date and their H&S systems in-date with an SSIP scheme, which may be seen as preferential with clients; versus other suppliers without this in place.

This partnership is another step forward in improving the visibility of SSIP certification and automating this process to remove administrative efforts required by suppliers. It is also another positive step forward in supporting those companies with SSIP certification to benefit from future work opportunities.

If you are a SMAS Worksafe member and you have a profile with LSC then all you have to do is update your LSC Profile to include you’re a member of SMAS and from there your up to date SMAS information will be accessible direct from within LSC by organisations who are seeking suppliers for their projects.