SMAS Worksafe partner with Workscreen

SMAS Worksafe are excited to welcome WorkScreen Ltd to the growing number of partners.

The partnership between one of the leading SSIP member schemes and WorkScreen will enable SMAS Worksafe members to easily access the essential hearing checks that all staff working in a noisy environment should have access to, through their employers.

WorkScreen is the world’s first calibrated online hearing test system dedicated to occupational health and addressing Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) in the workplace. The WorkScreen system uses a unique combination of novel technology with a simple tablet handset interface, so that testing is easy, standardised, high quality, fast and flexible to the needs of organisations, health providers and workers.

Leveraging over 30 years of experience in healthcare technology and services, WorkScreen has developed a revolutionary ehealth solution that provides a portable and cost-effective hearing test that meets UK Health & Safety and noise regulations. This means that high-quality hearing tests can be conducted by anyone, anywhere, at any time of day without specialised training.

Workscreen will publish regular industry-related articles from SMAS Worksafe on relevant health & safety, environmental and quality management subjects, whilst SMAS Worksafe members can expect regular information and updates from WorkScreen around hearing and noise-induced hearing loss.

Commenting on the new partnership, Tom Parker, WorkScreen’s Director stated “WorkScreen is really pleased to bring easier hearing tests at work to thousands of SMAS members in a convenient, modern way, making this vital test even more accessible to more organisations at a lower cost.

“Good hearing is vital to safety at work. Hearing health is also associated with wider issues such as mental health, fatigue and cognitive function, contributing to staff welfare and productivity. Following the legislation to prevent hearing damage due to noise is, therefore, more important than ever from a business point of view and from a moral standpoint, as well as from a legal perspective.”

Partnerships Manager at SMAS Worksafe Trish Meyer said of the partnership, “It has been a pleasure working with Tom Parker at WorkScreen and learning about the first-class calibrated online hearing test system. The aim of this member benefit partnership is for our membership base to have access to a cost-effective and versatile hearing test for their staff with the added ease of doing so on-site or any other suitable location.”


With many OH companies unable (or refusing) to offer hearing tests at work, WorkScreen is the easiest – and the safest – way to test hearing at work while COVID is around. WorkScreen technology means consistently high quality, safe, no contact HSE/occupational hearing tests for any number of staff, anywhere, at any time of day. Reducing costs and improving flexibility means more time for rewarding, demanding or productive work without compromising staff care or protection.