Welcoming Devonshire Homes as a Smas Worksafe client

We’re proud to announce an exciting new step in our partnership with Devonshire Homes.

Smas Worksafe has been working with Devonshire Homes for several years and this partnership has recently been strengthened through an update to their supply chain. This will allow us to provide even greater support to Devonshire Homes.

Since 1992, Devonshire Homes have been striving to set new standards for innovative design, build quality and customer service, creating the kind of new build homes Devon has never before seen.

With a passionate team dedicated to creating homes that stay up to date in the fast-moving world we live in, Devonshire Homes ensure that their strategies and designs evolve alongside modern technology, contemporary tastes, and environmental practices. Recognising the natural lushness and greenery of Devon, they are a company fully committed to maintaining eco-friendly planning and building procedures.

This new partnership development means that contractors working with Devonshire Homes will now be required to hold a valid SSIP certificate issued by Smas Worksafe.

Ricky Couling, Head of Commercial at Smas Worksafe said: “We’ve worked with Devonshire Homes for a while, and we’re thrilled to develop and further strengthen this partnership. We’re proud to support Devonshire Homes as their trusted SSIP partner, working hand in hand to ensure the highest standards of safety throughout their supply chain.”