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SMAS Membership Updates

We’re updating our package and membership structure to help give our members more choice and make sure they get not just the certificates and accreditations they need, but also make sure they get the right support from us.

The new system has been designed to make getting what you need as easy as possible. First choose the accreditation your business requires, then choose from one of 3 membership options depending on how much support your business would like or gain access to some of our member benefits. 

Now you have the ability to choose accreditation and support separately so you can get the package that’s right for your business and only pay for what you need. 

Below is a template of how choosing your package will now work and all the benefits of each area. 

Choose your accreditation

Worksafe PQQ

SMAS Worksafe PQQ Table

Worksafe SSIP

Choose your membership

SMAS Membership Options Table


Our Standard membership is best for businesses who are just looking to obtain an SSIP certificate, whether that is to work for a particular client or to have a reputable name backing their businesses health & safety policies. 

Essential (from £149)

Our Essential package is built for those who want more from their SSIP accreditation. 

Essential will allow your business more flexibility. You’ll be able to update any new trades and personnel without additional costs and receive both a foil certificate and van stickers as part of the membership. 

You will also receive a work wallet subscription to help your business manage an array of tasks such as accident reporting, audits, work permits, IDs and much more. 

Complete (From £249)

Complete is what you expect. Complete guidance and support with your business’s health & safety. 

Like Essential you will have the ability to add additional scopes or personnel to your policy and will also benefit from a Work Wallet subscription. 

You will also however have access to complete support from SMAS Worksafe, we will be on the phone to answer any questions you have throughout your membership. 

On top of this we will also give you action plans to improve your health and safety procedures and check in on you after 6 months to see how you’re getting on and if anything has changed, so you’re always on top of changing working environments. 

You’ll also have a pre assessment for renewal, meaning we will store up to 60% of your information to save you time when it comes to renewal. 

Worksafe Assist*

Bespoke policies created by us to support your business. Learn more about Worksafe Assist here

*Only available with Worksafe PQQ. 

    Free Consultation

    Get in touch to organise a free audit of your business.

    How did you hear about us?

    Site safety signs construction site for health and safety

    Which SMAS Worksafe Package is right for you?

    SMAS Worksafe have recently updated our pricing and packaging so that our members can now choose the accreditation level they require and then select from 3 membership tiers depending on the support or member benefits they would like access to. 

    SMAS Worksafe accreditation and membership options

    What are the accreditation options? 

    Currently SMAS Worksafe offer two levels of accreditation, Worksafe SSIP and Worksafe PQQ. 

    Worksafe SSIP: 

    Worksafe SSIP is our lowest level of accreditation. You will receive a 12-month SSIP certificate to demonstrate your businesses health & safety clients, customers and employees. 

    Worksafe PQQ:

    Worksafe PQQ gives your business a higher level of compliance. As well as an SSIP assessment, you will also have your environmental and quality management systems reviewed by us against IEMA and IRCA standards. 

    You will also receive recommendations for both your environmental and quality management systems so that you can develop your businesses compliance going forward with newer technologies and changes to any laws or guidance that night impact your business.

    SMAS Worksafe PQQ Table

    What are the membership options?

    SMAS Worksafe currently offer our members 3 level of membership, Standard, Essential and Complete. 

    Standard (without package):

    The Standard membership comes with all of our packages at no additional cost. You will have full access to our team of in-house assessors throughout your SSIP application and we will process your application within 7 working days of submission. 


    The Essential membership option gives you more support from us as well as added member benefits. We will turn your assessment round within 3 working days of submission, you will be able to update scopes and trades for no additional cost, receive free vehicle stickers and a foil copy of your certificate and on top of that you’ll also receive a work wallet subscription and have access to 15% off all IHASCO training courses. 


    Complete is the package for those who require the most support, we will turn your assessment round in just 1 working day and like Essential, you will be able to update scopes and trades for no additional cost, receive free vehicle stickers and a foil copy of your certificate and receive a work wallet subscription with access to 15% off all IHASCO training courses. 

    However with our complete package you will have our year round support. You will have unlimited helpline access with our team of assessors, receive a mid-year review and you’ll also receive updates on any policy changes that may effect your businesses. 

    SMAS Membership Options Table

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    Compliance Concept

    What is Worksafe PQQ?

    SMAS Worksafe specialises in helping businesses to become health & safety compliant and we do it through a nationally recognised scheme called SSIP (safety schemes in procurement) but we also help businesses reach further compliance with our Worksafe PQQ package. Once your business has met the SSIP core criteria you’re visible to clients on the SSIP and SMAS Worksafe portal but that is just the first step to your business’s compliance.

    Once you’ve gone through the process of securing your health & safety accreditation you may wish to look at other areas of compliance.


    Health & Safety (SSIP):

    All those who take out accreditation with SMAS Worksafe will become SSIP accredited once they have passed through the question set. SMAS Worksafe is a registered member of SSIP which means we help businesses to achieve health & safety compliance using the standards that have been set out.

    However, all of our members have the ability to upload documents in relation to other areas of compliance which is where our Worksafe PQQ Package comes in.

    SMAS PS_Service_Wheel


    One of the most important areas of further compliance is being able to demonstrate how your business considers and reduces its environmental impacts. Lots of clients are looking at their supply chain’s environmental quality and if you’re able to show that your business is doing everything it can you may have an advantage over other companies when clients are searching for sub-contractors.

    Oil spilling into a drain / environmental management with Worksafe PQQ

    Gasoline leaks into the street. It’s raining. Sewage grate. Close shot. No people.

    Quality Management:

    Having quality management procedures in place that are endorsed by senior management shows that your business is committed to providing a quality service or product. Clients will have confidence in choosing a company that are committed to a high quality of workmanship as sub-standard work on their sites will likely crop up when they run checks over any completed work, so knowing the standard of your work is high could remove any snagging on their end.

    Financial & Business:

    Submitting information about your business’s financial status helps to prove to any potential client that your business is stable and that there isn’t a chance of your business going into administration and therefore not being able to finish off the work. If a contractor goes into administration the client will be forced to find someone else and it will delay the work and push the completion date back.


    Finance standings / Worksafe PQQ

    Close up of a man holding a magnifying glass over a financial report that states a company’s revenues and profits.

    Modern Slavery & Anti-Bribery:

    The final stage of further compliance is modern slavery and anti-bribery. Making sure that your workforce is treated fairly and are not being exploited is extremely important. Client’s can’t risk working with anyone whose workforce is being treated unfairly or is susceptible to trafficking. Showing a commitment to these areas will give them peace of mind that they won’t be the subject of loss of materials or workers not turning up due to poor working standards.


    Work safety concept chart

    SSIP outside of construction

    SSIP (Safety Schemes in Procurement) is often thought of as being used within the construction industry to help contractors to obtain new work and to give them access to working for clients such as Redrow and Taylor Wimpey, however, SSIP can also be used outside of the construction industry for general health & safety compliance.

    So, what are the benefits?

    An SSIP assessment is a nationally recognised standard for health and safety and therefore having SSIP outside of construction can still be a benefit for your business. Obtaining a certificate for your business shows customers, visitors and employees that your business is taking their health and safety seriously. When going through your assessment we will make sure that your business is of the required standard and can highlight areas for improvement.

    These areas can range from having adequate lighting, clear flooring areas, quality welfare facilities, adequate ventilation and many more areas which will help to raise the standard of your business’ health & safety management.

    Go beyond just SSIP

    SMAS PS_Service_Wheel

    SMAS Worksafe Preferred Supplier now comes as standard and gives your business the ability to upload documents in further areas of compliance such as environmental and quality management and can be beneficial for all industries.

    Environmental documents would cover areas such as using environmentally friendly products, disposing of waste correctly, reducing water waste, protecting the environment from the water waste created. Showing customers, potential employees and visitors that you’re taking these areas into consideration and reducing your environmental footprint can help to boost your businesses reputation.

    Quality management ensures you’ve put procedures in place to give customers the best possible service, i.e. how are you capturing feedback and what are you doing with the feedback to improve in areas that may be lacking. Reviews and customer feedback are a key part in winning business in a digital age and putting quality management systems in place is an easy way to raise the profile of any business, from hairdressers to schools.

    SMAS Worksafe PQQ Table


    Worksafe PQQ

    SMAS Worksafe can also take your businesses compliance even higher with our Worksafe PQQ  package. Depending on the needs of your business we can offer added support and higher levels of compliance for areas such as Quality Management and Environmental and check them against IEMA and IRCA standards so you can have confidence your business is up to the requirements.

    You will also receive recommendations on your current quality and environmental policies so that you can develop them where needed going forward. Policies and requirements are often changing with new technologies becoming available or changes in requirements so staying up to date is crucial to keeping your compliance as high as possible.

    To learn more about how SMAS Worksafe can help your business to become SSIP accredited please get in contact with us by email info@smasltd.com or give us a ring on 01752 643959