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Which SMAS Worksafe Package is right for you?

SMAS Worksafe have recently updated the way in which we run our assessments. We now have a clear 3 tier system so you can easily identify which SMAS Worksafe package you need without any hassle.

So, which SMAS Worksafe package is right for you?

Worksafe Assessment, Pro and Infinity checklist

Worksafe Infinity:


The top tier of SMAS Worksafe products is for those who are looking for complete compliance across all areas and don’t know where to start. Infinity includes all aspects of the other two tiers and more. We will not just review your environmental and quality management policies but help you to write them from scratch and tailor them to your business. You will also benefit from a 6-month review so we can check in on any changes that might have happened to your business and adjust your policies to reflect them. You will also have total access to our accessors through unlimited helplines access.


Worksafe Pro:


Worksafe Pro is best for those businesses who need and SSIP certificate but would also like guidance on their environmental and quality management systems. When you take out the Pro package, our team of in-house accessors will check over your documents for these areas and make sure they up to the relevant standards (IEMA Environmental review & IRCA Quality Management). This gives you complete peace of mind that your business is operating to a recognised level of compliance for both of these areas as well as Health & Safety through SSIP.


Worksafe Assessment: 


This is the base tier of SMAS Worksafe accreditation and is best for those who are looking to obtain their SSIP certificate and are comfortable with the Environmental and Quality Management. The Worksafe assessment will also gain you access to SMAS Preferred Supplier where you can upload documents you may have for other areas of compliance such as environmental or quality management. However, all documents uploaded for further areas will not be checked over by our team so if you’re unsure on the policies you have in place for environmental or quality management then we would recommend Pro or Infinity.


What to do now? 


Now you have all the information about our products, all you need to do is decide which package is right for your business and get in touch with us. Our teams will be more than happy to help you through the assessment process so you can get accredited and back to working as quickly as possible.

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